ServiceM8 Android Alternatives

If you're reading this, we understand

We have also tried every service scheduling software on the market, and found the best ServiceM8 android alternatives still couldn’t efficiently organize and manage our business… that’s when fieldd was born.

So, you're looking for an alternative

Before we start with a big long ServiceM8 alternatives feature comparisons and tell you that yes, it works perfectly across both Android and iOS…let us start with the what we know.

By sticking with ServiceM8 – like software, your business will remain in the same environment it is in today.  By switching to fieldd, you unlock a raft of features that other service scheduling software isn’t able to offer stopping the scaling and growth of your service company.

Let us show you why fieldd is the best Android alternative for ServiceM8.


unique features
for fieldd offers over ServiceM8

1. Automation

Effecient & accurate scheduling.

Although ServiceM8 has the ability for you to schedule your workflow, fieldd allows you to automate it and not just manage it.

Using geozones & territories, build service areas with accurate travel time to ensure your staff always arrive on time and never run behind schedule. fieldd’s automated scheduling & booking portal will ease your ServiceM8 scheduling woes.

Don't Want to Switch to iPhones?

Start your trial now with no credit card needed and see why fieldd is your best ServiceM8 Alternative for Android users.

But why is fieldd such a good alternative?

We have all the standard software features that the ServiceM8 has.

However, fieldd has created a number of industry first features that change your business from a reliance on an admin team closely managing your field services, into an automated powerhouse. These features that are unique to fieldd enable companies to reduce their overheads, and optimize their operations.

Oh, and we answer our support phone should you need to call us! You will never be left in the dark, fieldd understands that time is money, and we are focussed on providing 24/7 access to the software that runs your business.

When searching for ServiceM8 Alternatives for Android, make sure the solution has the following features:

Are you an existing ServiceM8 Customer?

We will make the transition all that much easier, offering you support and a demo so you can make the switch to the only ServiceM8 Alternative - fieldd

2. Service App

Give your staff an exciting new tool.

Eliminate paperwork, an unlock extra productivity by combining payments, staff calendars, job sheets and messaging in one app.

Streamline your staff communications too, with an easy to use app and messaging system built directly into the app

Our alternative for ServiceM8 is an essential iOS & Android App that your staff will not be able to live without.

Join 100's of ServiceM8 users making the switch

3. Online Bookings - 24/7

Prepare to receive more jobs.

Since fieldd understands where your staff are based, how long your jobs take, and what you charge, fieldd can now suggest the perfect availability to your customers.

Our Android alternative for ServiceM8 has online bookings that supports payments, customer profiles, messaging and live job tracking.  Branding and customization is encouraged and can be done instantly within the CRM.

Hi Mike,

Let's Book a Mobile Car Detail a House Clean some Gardening a Window Clean a Mobile Mechanic a Locksmith an Appliance Repair Specialist

110 Roe Street, Northbridge

Advanced Scheduling for Mobile car detailers

Need Better Quality Control Features?

4. Fieldd CRM

Enforce a higher quality service.

Unlike other field service softwares such as ServiceM8 that still requires you to leave the office, fieldd automatically collects up to 5 points of quality control automatically such as photos, reviews and much more.

5. Fieldd Payments

Accept payments & get paid faster.

Fieldd integrates with 5 of the top payment providers allowing your staff to take payments easier and faster.

Unlike ServiceM8, staff can accept payments without hardware in the field, customers can pre-pay online or pay invoices online. And you can accept payments from the CRM.

Comparing fieldd to ServiceM8 and other software alternatives, fieldd is the only field service software what has an integrated contractor payroll, saving valuable time when it comes to pay day. 

Your Business

Affordable Pay as You Go Pricing

Unlike ServiceM8, we have more plans to suit business of all sizes, without limiting your users and features!

Select Your Country

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2x Branded Mobile Apps
Customer and Service App

Frequently Asked Questions

A modern iPhone & Android mobile phone doesn’t come with an instruction manual and fieldd was built with the same express setup in mind. This allows you to dynamically change fieldd with ease to match your company branding, style and services.

An intuitive approach to the design of our mobile apps & CRM mean your staff will familiarise themselves with fieldd in a matter of days.

Yes! It is so customizable that your customers will think you have hand built a solution for your business. The level and ease of this customization is the best in the field service software industry.

Yes! Every app we release will be always available on both Android & iOS.

We bill at the start of the month for monthly fees & app subscriptions. For usage above 100 jobs, this is billed at the end of the month or, for fielddConnect users (AU only), weekly at the time of payout.

Tasks that normally take people hours to complete, are replaced by unique features built by fieldd. These unique features when used to automate these tasks, require input from Google, AWS & Twilio, which is why certain features need to be priced based on the usage of them per job.

This is a common FAQ, we have an in-house team that can put together a training & setup package for you and your team. Please visit our Enterprise Solution & Pricing pages to learn more.

Yes! We are live in 154 countries and are built to support different currencies, time zones and languages.

Our pricing also dynamically adjusts itself based on which country you are using fieldd in. For a full list of countries we support and what it will cost you in your country, please visit our Pricing page.

We understand your business relies on our software to operate, so we have built it for maximum uptime and scalability. We have in-house teams of developers and support staff that are available and utilise the best servers and security available – AWS.  View our live Status Page.

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