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If you have or are starting a business in 2021, most likely your business is designed around convenience.

Most likely your business is going to bring your products and services to your customers doorstep.

However, straight away you’re faced with a complex problem… should you develop an expensive software solution or, do you use what’s on the shelf and put the extra time and resources into growing your core business idea?

Unfortunately, what’s on the shelf won’t give you a competitive advantage against the larger companies that have hand built their own solution. Without a custom solution you simply won’t be efficient enough to survive in the long term.

This is where fieldd comes in! Fieldd powers your mobile services that travel to your customer’s home or work, and does so in a way that gives your customers the impression that you have hand built your own custom solution.

Fieldd is different to other platforms because fieldd focuses on automating and prioritizing the customer experience. From the moment your customers book your services online, they are guided through a unique customer experience to turn them into a customer for life. Other platforms simply hold your customers’ details and often are no better than an address book.

This unique “loop” to keep your customers engaged isn’t possible on other platforms and companies are forced to use a range of solutions to get the job done.

Why hasn’t this been done before? 6 Years ago fieldd was built by a service company looking for a solution to the problems we see other service companies face time and time again. Put simply, building fieldd has been a hard process! After 3 years of initial R&D & 50,000+ live R&D bookings, fieldd was launched to other service companies in 2019 and now is the software of choice in 15 countries across 20 different industries.

15 years ago the thought of McDonald’s delivering your food was a futuristic thought. Today with the latest technology, UberEats has made this idea an everyday solution.

15 years ago the thought of catching a taxi was also not an everyday solution due to the inconvenience of booking, tracking & paying for your taxi. Yet today, technology has pushed taxis to become an everyday solution.

The demand for customer convenience has always been on the rise and with COVID, this need has been supercharged even further. 100% of the time customers will instantly book the best priced, fastest service provider to come to them. Yet 98% of businesses rely on a 15 year old quote request form with a 1-5 day reply time.

Before Uber entered the taxi & food industry, these two industries represented industries that were waiting to be optimized with technology. The amount of other service industries that are currently highly inconvenient and can be optimized, is practically endless.

Prior to fieldd, the automation and customization within fieldd that are included with every plan, were only possible with custom software development. Now, it’s possible with a click of a button.

Every day we are unlocking hidden potential in field service businesses globally, we look forward to seeing your business do the same.

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