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Unlimited Staff

Unlimited Locations

CRM & Online Bookings

Mobile Service App

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220 Jobs a month

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CRM & Online Bookings

Mobile Service App


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CRM & Online Booknigs

Mobile Service App


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CRM & Online Bookings

Mobile Service App

White Label Mobile Customer App*

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Add a White Label App to ANY Plan

What is the Best Scheduling Software?

White Label Customer & Service App

Increase customer and staff satisfaction with your very own white label mobile apps.

Download your apps from your app store profile with your app icons, splash screens and push notifications.

Upgrade to both apps from within your profile in the fieldd CRM.

Time to go live: 2-3 Weeks

Monthly Maintenance: $199ea

Initial Setup: $999ea

New Features & Upgrades: Included

Included Features

Customer Management

Included in ALL Plans

Admin Portal (CRM)

Manage your business in the office, or in the field, with a complete birds eye view of your operations via our easy to use CRM.

Client Portal

Allow your customers to serve themselves online where they can book, see their history, save their payment methods, check current bookings, and communicate with your staff.

Online Booking Portal

Give your customers the ability to instantly book your services faster than your competitors with 24/7 Scheduling


Online Invoice Portal

Every invoice you send your customers contains a link for them to pay by card or bank deposit via your branded Online Invoice Portal.

Automated Emails & SMS

Keep your customers informed without lifting a finger. Customize & send automated emails & SMS messages with important job updates, reminders & alerts.

Three-Way Live Chat

Keep your conversations in a single place with three-way chat between customers, staff & admin via SMS & Branded Online Messaging.

Customer Blocking

Stop bad customers from booking your services by anonymously blocking them.

Booking Questions & File Upload

Ensure your staff are informed correctly on each job by allowing your customers to answer questions, upload files & upload photos.

Customer History & Notes

View every interaction the customer makes with your Online Booking Portal, Online Invoice Portal including attempted & paid jobs + add notes to each customer.

Live Activity Feed

Save time analyzing data in different parts of the CRM by displaying every important event here in the Live Activity Feed.

White Label iOS & Android Customer App

Increase your customer repeat rate by 80% with a fully branded mobile app for your customers to book on.

Your customers will discover an entirely new experience with your very own fully white label Service App that they download from your company profile in the Apple & Google Play Store. Branded app icons, splash screens & push notifications will set you apart from your competition.

Upgrade Req

Automated Push Notifications

Ensure your customers never miss an email or SMS by sending them Customer App push notifications with important job alerts & messages.

Upgrade Req

Quality Control

Included in ALL Plans

Job Ratings

Ask your customers to rate the job performance of your staff which generates an average rating for each staff members profile.

Low Rating Alerts

Automatically receive an email every time your staff receive a low rating so you can quickly resolve any issues with your customers.

Job Feedback

Ask your customers to provide more info on the job with feedback that is saved to the job card for easy viewing later.

Job Photos

Reduce liability and the risk of complaints with compulsory before and after photos of each job. These photos can be unique to the service with picture in picture to help your staff take better photos.

Job Checklists

Reduce liability and potential complaints with before and after checklists for each service.

Job Signature

Ensure your customer approves of the service by getting their signature upon completion.

Cancel Questions

Ask your customers customizable questions as to why they are cancelling their booking with you so you can improve your service offering.

Company Analytics

Discover trends and improve your service offering with important analytics such as attempted bookings, revenue per territory, and average company rating.

Payments & Invoicing

Included in ALL Plans

Stripe & Square Integration

Use your own payment merchant alongside fieldd, or integrate Stripe, Square, Pin Payments or to work seamlessly within the fieldd Service App, CRM, Online Booking Portal, Online Invoice Portal & Customer App(Upgrade Req).

Discounts & Gift Vouchers

Run promotions to boost business with custom % or $ based promo codes & gift vouchers that can be redeem throughout the fieldd platform.

Full & Part Pre-Payments

At the time of booking in the Online Booking Portal/Client Portal, request 100% pre-payment or a custom pre-payment of your choosing. Once the job is complete the remaining payment can be taken via the fieldd Service App via Cash, Card or Invoice.

In-App Tipping

Once the service is complete, ask your customers to tip via a branded tipping screen in the Service App, or in your Customer App (Upgrade req).

Contactless Job Payments

Allow your customers to put a card on file at the time of booking or via the Online Customer Portal or, send them an invoice via the Service App to pay online once the job is complete.

CRM Card Payments

Should a customer not pay on the job, you can take a card payment over the phone, or update their payment method and send them an invoice for the job directly from the CRM.

Service App Card Payments

Scan or enter credit cards to quickly and securely take payments from the Service App. If a customer has already entered their credit card at the time of booking, it will securely be stored and billed once the job is completed in the Service App.

Online Card Payments

Allow your customers to enter a card online at the time of booking, or receive invoice via email with a link to pay online via their card in your branded Invoice Portal.

Automatic Emails & Reminders

Never forget to invoice your customers, send them receipts, or followup invoices – fieldd does this for you automatically.

Dynamic Scheduling

Included in ALL Plans

Scheduling - Mobile Business

Optimize your mobile business with scheduling that maximises your daily availability to maximise your revenue.

Scheduling - Mobile & Fixed Business

Allow your customers to enter their address, and select between a mobile service (if you service their area), or a fixed location where they can come to you. Your customers are shown a list of your locations (closest first) and the distance between their location and your location.

Scheduling - A to B Business

Charge your customers for the travel time between two locations (pickup and drop off). Set buffer times, operate in service areas, and dynamically fit as many jobs in your day as possible in advance, without manually guessing distances & timeframes.

Scheduling - On-Demand

Similar to Uber, have your team receive On-Demand requests based on their location and skillset, or receive these alerts in the CRM and manually dispatch these jobs to your staff as required.

Scheduling - Repeat

Schedule regular bookings across the year with our repeat booking feature.

Optimized Auto Dispatch

Unlike other platforms, fieldd uses AI powered logic to eliminate booking requests, and guarantee availability for your customers to book.

Drag & Drop Service Designer

Design the perfect customer experience with our Drag & Drop Service designer that builds your available services to be automatically booked online.

Auto Travel Time & Territory Builder

Based on travel time, fieldd uses Ai powered Territories to calculate the most efficient service areas for your team. Service areas that are too big or, too small are now a thing of the past.

Job Tracking

Included in ALL Plans

Job Details, Attachments & Notes

Have every piece of information on each job live and synced to the CRM & Service App of the staff assigned to the job. Save private notes that only your staff can see, send messages to the customer & staff at once, and upload important attachments for your staff to view on the job.

GPS Tracking

Stop wondering where your staff are – track them on a map when they are en-route to a job & see an overview of their route.

Job Time Tracking

The customer said your staff were late, your staff said they were early. Sound familiar? fieldd tracks every moment of the job giving you a failsafe in the event of a complaint.

Mileage Tracking

Track how long it took for your staff to reach each job, and how far they travelled.

Email Tracking

Customer didn’t show at a booking and said they never booked it? Discover fieldd email tracking which records how many times your booking email, reminder email & receipt was opened, and when it was delivered.

SMS Live Tracking Links

Save time communicating between your staff and your customers. Automatically SMS your customers a live tracking link so they can see your staff as they are en-route to their job & message them as required.

Staff Management

Included in ALL Plans

iOS & Android Service App

This app is the only app your staff need to perform their role in the field. Payments, schedule, personal calendar, Google Calendar Sync, Mobile Point of Sale, Time Sheets, Job History and messaging between customers & your office.

Two-Way Google Calendar Sync

Automatically sync jobs in fieldd into your Google Calendar.

Automatically sync Google Calendar Appointments into fieldd, automatically marking this staff member as unavailable during this time.

Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

Eliminate hardware costs, and never have a flat card reader again with fieldd’s POS that is built into the fieldd Service App. Accept card, cash, invoice & gift vouchers along with a live sync of products and services that can be added or up sold at anytime in the Service App.