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Simple usage-based pricing means you don't get locked into contracts.

Our platform is only $2.90 per $100 job, and you'll save $15 in admin time, effectively making our platform free.

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You grow, we grow.

Fieldd is the only field service management software designed to grow with your business.

Our business relies on your success with our platform, not your monthly fixed membership fee.

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Volume discounts

Discounts trigger as your usage grows, so you always get a fair price.

Talk with our sales team for more info on these volume discounts.

All field software plans include:

  • $0 Monthly fees
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited staff
  • Unlimited cities
  • Unlimited Branded SMS & emails
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Every Automation Feature

Quick Start

Designed, built and optimised by our in-house experts for your service company.
$ 1999
00 Setup
  • Includes our Business Package
  • 1x 1 Hour pre-start strategy
  • Turn key setup built for you
  • 2x 1 hour training sessions
  • 3 weeks of direct phone support
  • Free 1 page website built (BYO Domain)


Designed for the mangement of
small - large service companies.
$ 0
00 Setup
  • iOS & Android Field Service App
  • Online Scheduling
  • Job Management System
  • Job Dispatch System
  • Work Order Management
  • GPS Tracking System
  • On-Demand Scheduling
  • Rapid Staff Onboarding
  • Mobile POS Payments
  • Invoice App
  • CRM System
  • Promotional Codes
  • SMS Messaging
  • Independent Contractor Payments
  • Quality Control Management
  • Process Automation
  • PDF Reporting
  • Xero Accounting Sync
  • 2.9%+ 30c Credit Cards (US)
  • 1.99%+ 30c Credit Cards (AU)


Custom designed field service
management software solution.
  • Custom Client Scheduling App
  • Custom Field Service App
  • Custom Online Scheduling Workflow
  • Custom Management Dashboard
  • Credit Card Volume Discounts
  • Custom 3rd Party Integrations

Frequently asked questions.

What field service management software is required for my business?

Field service businesses require multiple pieces of software to efficiently manage their job scheduling, employees, and mobile payments. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of online software and features that 95% of service companies, from HVAC to Mobile Car Auto Detailing & Wash, use to manage their businesses.

01. Appointment Scheduling Software.

Advertise your field services that your tradesman can perform to potential clients in your service area on an online scheduling page, and turn them into work orders and service calls. Small to large field service businesses often choose Wix Bookings for appointment scheduling.

02. Route Optimization Software.

Once a service appointment has been made online, your office manager needs to optimise the route by factoring in delivery logistics of where the closest appointment is located, and what time each appointment needs to be completed by. Often your office manager will combine their local knowledge with Google Maps to calculate distances, and manually plot it on a dispatch board mounted in their office. Office managers will continue to add appointments on to this board as appointments are booked online. This optimization method isn’t always the most efficient method to handle the delivery logistics, but a local office manager and Google maps is the software of choice for most field service businesses.

03. Dispatch Software.

Once your office manager has established the fastest route to the service all, it’s important to decide which technicians can complete which service call if some are more specialized than others. The delivery logistics need to be placed in employees calendars with notes on how to perform each service call if there are any special requests from the client. Scheduling and dispatching staff is a daily, if not hourly task for companies who offer urgent or scheduled same day services. Small to large field service businesses often choose Google Calendar for dispatching service calls. Google calendar also has an app that performs as a minimalistic dispatch app.

04. Messaging Software.

Effective communication between your office manager, clients and employees is crucial. Messages include service call updates, client requests, and potential day to day issues that need to be conveyed in a timely non-disruptive manner. Small to large field service business often choose a combination of phone calls, emails & Whatsapp as their messaging software.

05. Job Tracking Software.

Clients often require the live status and ETA of their service call. When office managers call their field mobile workforce for updates, it can be time consuming, disrupting and in-accurate. For real time data and better customer service, small to large field service businesses often choose to install GPS tracking software into their company vehicles or in mobile apps.

06. Payment Software.

Once the service call has been completed, your mobile workforce need to take payments for the work orders. Field service billing is made possible by linking the companies CRM and accepting credit card, or cash via a mobile payment app. Invoicing and email receipts can also be processed at the service call via an invoicing app. Small to large field service businesses often choose Square Point of Sale (POS) for mobile payments.

07. Contractor Payment Software.

After reconciling the weekly point of sale (POS) payments, and paid online invoices, office managers can create a weekly summary for each independent contractor or employee. Small to large field service businesses often complete this process manually followed by sending this data to Quickbooks, Xero or MYOB for manual bank account transfer to independent contractors.

08. Marketing Software.

It costs five times more to attract a new customer versus nurturing existing ones. With a basic email campaign you can engage existing customers to re-book your services. Unfortunately, many field service businesses rarely market to existing customers, instead they spend their marketing budget on Facebook and Instagram finding new customers..  Small to large field service businesses often use Twilio SMS software, and Sendgrid for email marketing.

09. CRM Software.

To manage the growth of your field service business, and ensure your sales and marketing spend is effective, a CRM is a very important piece of field service software. CRM software improves you field service management ability 1000% as your customer success metrics are available in real time. Small to large businesses often choose Trello for basic lead management, or Zoho as an advanced CRM Software solution.

10. Field Service Management Software.

With nine or more online dashboards for your office managers to manage your field service business, it is great to have one tool that makes management easier. Small to large field service businesses often choose a CRM such as Zoho, then Zapier to create custom integrations between the individual pieces of software that aren’t designed to work with each other.

What is the best field service software?

The best field service management software (FSM) needs to have the most efficient user workflow to reduce costs and optimise the management of a companies resources at, or en-route to the location of their customers. Our Field Service Management Software links back-office software systems such as inventory, billing, pricing, dispatching, job tracking and activity, with front-end systems such as optimised online scheduling, sales and marketing. Not only does fieldd save your field service company time, increase mobile workforce productivity, and reduce costs, but it allows your field service company to focus on scaling and success, not office administration and paperwork. Fieldd combines all ten field software features listed above and many more. Start managing your field service company better. Click the link below to our field service software to get started today.

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