Running a Car Washing Business During a Pandemic

Besides causing fatal effects to the healths of people, the recent pandemic has brought down the economy to its knees. Businesses are having a hard time getting up and running again due to strict lockdown rules by the governments. 

If you’re running a car detailing or car washing business, you’re already well-aware of the circumstances. Luckily, many businesses are getting the permits to be operational once again. However, car wash businesses need to adopt specific safety rules in order to keep things safe, for both, employees and clients. 

There are many reasons to scale your car wash and detailing business. That’s why it’s unfortunate to be in a situation where your business is needed the most but you are unable to capitalize. The following is one example where improving your service capacity can help grow your business. If you’re looking to improve your service offering, learn more and try fieldd for free. 

Providing touchless car wash services:

As a mobile car detailing business, washing people’s vehicles is probably one of the most common services that you provide. However, it’s essential to provide touchless car wash services during a pandemic. There are many ways you can go about it. The first thing you can do is set up a booking website for clients to use instead of coming to your location with all your services listed. As a result, you can continue to provide services like a touchless car wash, full-service car wash, hand car wash, and more. In additional, with a service like, you can have advanced features like order notifications, employee tracking, online payments, and many others, integrated right into your mobile application or the website.  

Therefore, an online booking system will make it easier for your clients to order your services like a touchless car wash, or a hand car wash. Upon your clients’ orders, it’s your call to choose how you provide the selected services. You can either send your employees to the client location and provide the services there, or you can have the clients leave the vehicle at your workshop after placing the order. As all the information about the services that the client requires will be available in the order listing, your employees will never need to get in touch with the client. After the work has been done, you can notify the clients and they’ll come and pick up their vehicle. 

Contactless payments:

You need a secure and fast contactless payment method for your business to operate touchless. If you got a mobile application or a website, you already have the solution at hand. You can integrate a payment method in your online system and you’re good to go. Clients will be able to pay for the services when they select the ones they want and order them on the spot.  

Offer the best car wash and detailing services

If you’re a car wash business, give your customers the booking system they need. We are more than just a calendar app. With fieldd, our appointment software can be set to automatically schedule and dispatch the right staff member for the job. We go a step further than typical booking platforms by including features that help you grow your business. 

From smart-geofencing that optimizes your service area to quality control tools, fieldd helps your team maintain high standards and get more jobs done in a day. The included fieldd staff mobile app allows your team to upsell additional services and perform transactions right on the spot. 

Get started with fieldd for free. No monthly fee and no credit card required. 

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