How Can A Real Estate Photography Booking App Help?

Firstly, real estate photography is competitive, and to stay competitive it is important to consider how can a real estate photography booking app help. Fieldd’s software gives photographers the ability to manage all things from bookings to payments.

Fieldd removes the stress of knowing the intricacies to book a photography session. Fieldd makes it easier for customers to book whilst ensuring agents get paid . Whilst maintaining day to day operations.

Top 4 Benefits of a Real Estate Photography Booking App

1. Photography Booking Apps Present Customers With Live Options

Meaning clients can book a photographer to photograph their home when they desire.

2. Efficient Payments

Payments processed live and synced throughout your fieldd account give business owners security. Clients can choose if they would like to pay at the time of booking the services or at the end of the service. Both methods are auto-synced into fieldd and appropriate notifications are automatically sent. Such as branded receipts and SMS messages.

3. Client Reminders, Decreasing No Show Rates

Fieldd offers an automated push notifications suite. Push notification are a great way to reduce no shows and keep customers in the loop.

4. Optimal Booking Times

Fieldd ensures customers are well informed. Knowing things such as when their photographer will arrive and where they are is a great tool to have. Eliminating having to wait around for hours on end for a vague scheduling window.

In Summary

In summary, sign up to Fieldd today for your 7 day free trial if you’re after the booking solution for your real estate photography business. You will see how easy we can give you back time in the day to help grow your business.

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