How Can A Real estate photography booking app Help?

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The real estate market is a tricky one. It can be a bit of a mystery how to find the right home for you. Fieldd provides a photography app that gives the ability to manage all things real estate photography from booking and comparing prices to finding locations to meet with agents and many more amazing features. Another added bonus is that Fieldd provides realtors the ability to add extra benefits for new customers such as a free wedding photography shoot, discounts on products and services, and special offers on home tours.

Fieldd is an app that takes away all the stress of never knowing what you need and how much it will cost to book a photography session. Our technology processes all information which makes it easier for new customers to book city tours and home tours while ensuring agents get paid via our mobile point of sales system or directly from your own branded app, while they maintain full control of their business while they work.

Fieldd is the only tool real estate agents need to provide a better experience to their clients. Allowing them to spend more time doing what they love most, listing homes and gathering new clients.

Having an app like Fieldd does all the work for you which means more time for us to enjoy our family, friends, and work. We are all about providing an exceptional experience for our clients because at the end of the day, your photos are the first thing anyone sees before calling or scheduling a home tour.

Top 5 Benefits of an Advanced Photography Booking Software

1. We provide you with more than one professional photographer to choose from.

This means your home tour will never be delayed because of weather, traffic, or any other unforeseen circumstances. A realtor or client can book time slots for multiple photographers to photograph the interior and exterior of the home at the same time. We offer concierge style service which means we will dispatch your photographer(s) directly to the home for full coverage on all areas of your real estate photography needs. This also saves clients time by allowing them to book tours during their lunch breaks or while they are at work without having to worry about coordinating schedules with multiple photographers.

2.Our app provides a level of security that ensures power stays in your hands.

Our photography booking app provides a level of security that ensures your needs are met and you remain in full control of all your listings and home tours. Our patent pending technology processes all payments which means you retain full control of your business at all times. If you would like to receive payment directly from the client, we will load up their account to meet the amount the client paid when they booked their event or tour with you in our mobile point of sale system.

3.Fieldd for Realtors brings your business to the next level.

We provide realtors the ability to add extra benefits for new customers such as a free wedding photography shoot, discounts on products and services, and special offers on home tours. We also give you the ability to promote your business while also growing your client base. Our unique technology allows us to send automated push notifications to clients when an event is approaching so they know exactly when to come back so they can get maximum exposure for their homes.

4. Fieldd will ensure optimal installation times because everything is monitored by our technology.

Our photography booking app provides the ability to know exactly when your photographer will arrive at your home or office for installation. This eliminates having to wait around for hours on end because of unforeseen circumstances. Real estate agents don’t have time to wait around so we ensure the best service by ensuring optimal installation times.

5. We provide scheduling flexibility.

Our technology provides the option for flexible scheduling which means you never have to worry about trying to schedule an event or tour when it doesn’t work in your schedule. If you would like to take a coffee break, enjoy lunch, call in sick or meet with clients during your business hours then you can do this through our mobile point of sale app without having to reschedule anything. We provide realtors the ability to accept clients based on their availability whenever they need to free up time for other work related tasks. This is another reason why we are rated number one in customer service and convenience by our client base.

Sign up to Fieldd today for your 7 day free trial if you’re after the booking solution for your photography or real estate photography business and see just how easy we can give you back time in the day to help grow your business.

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