Apps – How Can They Help Your Mobile Business?

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Many small businesses now have a mobile and online presence, and most use apps to help with their business. There are so many benefits to having an app for your company, especially when you consider that over half of all internet activity is from a mobile device. Here is a checklist of what these benefits are:

To start, there are so many benefits to having an app for your mobile business. But before you decide that it would be a wise decision to invest in creating an app for your business, it is important to understand how apps work and maintain the different types of apps available today.

An app, as defined by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as “computer software tailored to work with mobile devices”, can be used on almost any type of device: smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs. However, apps are designed for smartphones as the dominant form of mobile technology.

The history of smartphone apps begins with Apple and Android in 2008. The difference in creating an app was that it requires a programming process rather than relying on HTML or other coding programs. Mobile app development can be done in-house or by a mobile development company.

Apps are designed for smartphones as the dominant type of mobile technology. But, apps are also designed for smart TVs and other connected devices such as cars, and even some point of sale systems. And, they may also be used as platforms to run other programs on your computer, laptops and tablets.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Customer App

An app for your business is a great way to give consumers access to your services while on the go or even as a form of advertisement. An app can contain your company’s services which can be booked directly by your customers from your branded app. Imagine having an uber like app for your business?!
Another benefit of having your own branded app is that it can be a marketing tool for every user. Customers can rate and review your service and the app can collect their contact information, reviews and ratings. This all helps improve customer satisfaction, reviews and rates! The customer feedback is another great source of ideas for new services that may fit your business or industry.

Uberfication & The Gig Economy Effect on Mobile Business

Uber in 2011 revolutionized the taxi industry. After that, many other companies jumped on the bandwagon and have been creating their own apps for their customers.

In the gig economy, there are many workers who do odd jobs for money. But, with the rise of apps such as Uber and Lyft…these service providers can connect with customers directly. This sort of approach can be transferred to mobile service businesses such as cleaners, mobile car detailers, carpet cleaners, appliance repair specialists and more when signing up to our branded white labelled customer app.

To summerize, there are many benefits of having your own smartphone app. It is a good way to give your customers more access to your services, and it helps for mobile marketing of your company. Our 14 Day, White label/Branded customer app is the best option to uberfy and transform your customer experience since it gives your customers the power to book your services directly from their pockets.

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