How it works

We unlock extra productivity by automating your scheduling, dispatch and payments.

How it works

We unlock extra productivity by automating your scheduling, dispatch and payments.


must haves
for ambitious service companies

1. Schedule Automation

Train fieldd to be your best scheduler.

Build service areas in the fieldd CRM with accurate travel time to ensure your staff always arrive on time and never run behind schedule.

Add time and prices to your products and services so your customers can book your staff online within your service areas.

2. 24/7 Online Bookings

Prepare to receive more jobs.

Since fieldd understands where your staff are based, how long your jobs take, and what you charge, fieldd can now suggest the perfect availability to your customers.

Our Online Booking Portal supports payments, customer profiles, messaging and live job tracking.  Customize and brand your Online Booking experience instantly via the fieldd CRM.

Hi Mike,

Let's Book a Mobile Car Detail a Removalist a Locksmith a Cleaner a Home Inspection

110 Roe Street, Northbridge

Advanced Scheduling for Field Service Companies

3. Automatic Job Dispatching

Give your staff an exciting new tool.

Once a job is booked, your staff will receive instant push notifications and all the details of the job in a digital job card.

Eliminate paperwork, an unlock extra productivity by combining payments, staff calendars, job sheets and messaging in one app.

Our field service management app is an essential iOS & Android App that your staff will not be able to live without.

4. In-App & Online Payments

Accept payments & get paid faster.

Once jobs are complete, your staff can accept payments without hardware in the field via the Service AppFieldd integrates with 5 of the top payment providers allowing your staff to take payments easier and faster.

Customers can also pre-pay or part-pay when booking online, or once the job is complete click a link to pay outstanding invoices online. Admin staff can also accept payments via the fieldd CRM.

Fieldd clearly displays any outstanding payments, and auto reconciles jobs to payments saving you team endless hours chasing and matching payments to jobs.

Your Business

5. CRM Job Management

Enforce a higher quality service.

As soon as your customers open load your Online Booking Portal, or your staff log into their Service App, you can see a real-time overview of your business via the fieldd CRM.

When situations change in the field you have full control to update, message and monitor the status of jobs as every action is tracked, so you can ensure your business always delivers the highest quality service.

Unlike other field service software that still requires you to leave the office, fieldd also collects up to 5 points of quality control automatically and alerts you of possible issues in the field.

The Complete Field Service Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

A modern iPhone & Android mobile phone doesn’t come with an instruction manual and fieldd was built with the same express setup in mind. This allows you to dynamically change fieldd with ease to match your company branding, style and services.

An intuitive approach to the design of our mobile apps & CRM mean your staff will familiarize themselves with fieldd in a matter of days.

Yes! It is so customizable that your customers will think you have hand built a solution for your business. The level and ease of this customization is the best in the field service software industry.

Yes! Every app we release will be always available on both Android & iOS.

This is a common FAQ, we have an in-house team that can put together a training & setup package for you and your team. Please visit our Contact Us & Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

Yes! We are live in 154 countries and are built to support different currencies, time zones and languages.

Our pricing also dynamically adjusts itself based on which country you are using fieldd in. For a full list of countries we support and what it will cost you in your country, please visit our Pricing page.

We understand your business relies on our software to operate, so we have built it for maximum uptime and scalability. We have in-house teams of software engineers and support staff that are available and utilize the best servers and security available – AWS.  View our live Status Page to learn more.