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You are currently clicking on the Serviceminder login button. You use Serviceminder to run your business or franchise. At fieldd, we are the only field service management software that supercharges companies with powerful workflows and the best customer experience on the market.

Instead of saying that we can integrate into other solutions to provide a duct-taped product, we cut the c*@p and get to it. 

Here at fieldd, we believe you simply deserve better.

Before you click on the Serviceminder Login do you wish you had...

1) Accurate Appointment Scheduling:

Give your customers the best booking experience on the market. With fieldd’s automated dispatch, you can trust that your bookings will be at the accurate time for the precise service length. Arrival windows are a thing of the past!
We know how long your services take and how long the travel time takes—allowing your customers to book online 24/7, dispatching jobs 50% faster than with Sericeminder. Not only are your customers given the quickest experience, but your workers instantly get sent their jobs directly to their Worker App. Removing double bookings and automating job updates.

2) Branded Worker App

Give your staff your branded Worker App where they manage their calendar, payments, and communications. Fieldd’s Worker App syncs directly to Google Calendar to remove double bookings. The best part is jobs are auto-dispatched based on workers’ skill sets, locations, and availability, meaning you can focus on growing your business.

3) Quality Control

Fieldd’s quality control measures become your eyes and ears in the field.
Our CRM dashboard gives real-time insights into daily jobs, customer communications, on-the-job images, checklists, emails, and push notifications. By using fieldd’s in-built quality control measures, you will see a boost in customer satisfaction and real-time feedback on how to optimize your operations.

4) Automated Payments

Payment matching is a time-consuming task. To change that, we integrate into payment gateways to allow in-app payments, pre-payments, invoicing, quotes, and complimentary services. To top that off, automatic receipts, invoices, and quote emails can be customized to fit your desired messaging.

5) Customization

We built fieldd to be like a word document but for service companies. Traditional software like Serviceminder relies on phone calls and expensive contracts to set up your account. At fieldd, we believe that your business is unique, and you should be in control of your operations. We not only provide the best field service tools, but we also offer the ability to brand our apps to your business. Exclusive to fieldd, you can have your very own Customer and Worker App within the Apple and Google app stores in just two weeks!

Ok that all sounds great… but how much does it cost?

Our pricing starts from $49 per month. We believe pricing should be transparent and are so confident about our product that we do not lock you into contracts. For more information about our pricing please click here.

In summary,

Here at fieldd, we get it; we were once a service company and understand that patching solutions not only becomes expensive but adds more problems.

Fieldd was built for fieldd services of all sizes to simplify and provide the software service companies need.

Don’t just take our word for it; next time you go to, click on the Serviceminder login button. Take a look for yourself!

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