Mobile Car Wash Software – How Can It Help You Grow Your Detailing Business

People cherish their cars a lot. Given this, you understand the high expectations customers have when they leave their cars in your care. Precision cleaning of the car interiors and exteriors so that it looks and feels – almost if not, brand new! With so many separate aspects involved in the operations, how well you manage the nitty-gritty of car washing, as well as operations, impacts the success of your auto detailing business. Mobile car wash software is designed to help with customers’ management, scheduling, and dispatch.

Mobile car wash software apps are useful for getting noticed by customers. Especially if you’re a new entrant into the detailing industry. Apart from marketing, apps manage scheduling tasks with your customers.  These scheduling software products are easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

A car wash smartphone app can use device features such as GPS to connect maps or the camera to take pictures. This information is automatically shared to users to provide instant updates, so you don’t have to!  The application also allows you to use your camera to update your profile picture or scan QR codes.

The Benefits Of Mobile Car Detailing Software

Quicker Response Rates:
Field service apps have response times that are one-and-half times faster than websites.

Instant access:
Apps are accessible as you’re carrying your business with you – 24 hours and 365 days! You never miss out on business due to connectivity issues.

Instant Updates:
Mobile car wash apps provide real-time updates and push notifications to clients. By providing alerts, status, work progress, and delivery details, throughout the job to the client.

Low Overheads and High Efficiency:
With field mobile apps, mobile car detailing businesses enjoy no overheads. With no overheads for custom build solutions, you are able to offer competitive pricing. Ultimately, consumers are on the lookout for an affordable price!

With more people opting for mobile phone apps, it makes perfect business sense to offer your car detailing service online. With the nitty-gritty of scheduling and other areas of business handled by the mobile car wash software, you have more time to focus on your work.

fieldd - your choice in mobile car detailing software

When it comes to implementing a mobile car detailing software solution, you wouldn’t find a more widely adopted platform like fieldd. The reason being is simple, fieldd was first introduced by a mobile car detailing business. Through its platform, the business was able to automate 90% of its operations with a 50:1 staff to admin ratio. How was this achieved you might ask? Simple, fieldd’s intuitive, customer-first approach to its booking, dispatching and overall functionality allows mobile car detailers from all over the world the ability to be:

  • agile
  • responsive
  • innovative
  • punctual
  • memorable

all without needing to add any extra time to their day…on the contrary, fieldd gives you back time in the day through its smart field service software platform and apps so you can spend that tie on growing your business on not just managing it.

How does that sound? It sounds pretty good right! Even better, we can offer you a completely free, no credit card-required 7-day trial for you to get going so you can see the value and power fieldd can deliver to your mobile car detailing business.

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