Best Junk Removal Software

The best junk removal app ensures your customers have the best experience possible, and you reduce your admin tasks as much as possible. fieldd has the solution!

Best Junk Removal Software

The best junk removal app ensures your customers have the best experience possible, and you reduce your admin tasks as much as possible. fieldd has the solution!

Join 1000's junk removal businesses growing their business with fieldd

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Too busy on routes collecting junk? We got you

However your business operates to provide your customers with your services, fieldd has got you covered.

Mobile Services

Your team offers a mobile field service & you want the best person to be booked for the job.

A to B Services

Display the distance and price for your services from A to B. Fieldd will factor in travel time, service time and an optional buffer time for perfect scheduling based on varying A to B distances.

Jobs can be scheduled, or On-Demand Uber style requests can be sent.

The only junk removal scheduling software that manages your entire business...
And allows you to scale.

Junk removal software designed with growth in mind.


Must haves for ambitious junk removal companies

1. Automation

Train fieldd to be your best scheduler.

Build service areas with accurate travel time to ensure your staff always arrive on time and never run behind schedule.

Add products and services that can be booked with staff within the optimized service area.

2. Mobile Worker App

Your entire junk removal business, managed and automated with fieldd.

The customer experience is now streamlined from the moment they book, to the moment they receive a branded receipt for your junk removal services.

Junk removal service client management has previously lacked an intuitive booking system and mobile apps, until now. Now your customers can self serve themselves and you can offer a wide range of unique junk removal services with clear pricing and accurate booking availability.

Eliminate paperwork, an unlock extra productivity by combining payments, staff calendars, job sheets and messaging in one app.

Our field service management app is an essential iOS & Android App that your staff will not be able to live without.

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Just focus on growing your junk removal business

Get started in 5 mins and discover an easy to use, fully customisable junk removal software toolkit, for any sized junk removal company

3. Online Bookings - 24/7

Jobs & Payments all in one place

Since fieldd understands where your staff are based, how long your jobs take, and what you charge, fieldd can now suggest the perfect availability to your customers.

Our Online Booking Portal supports payments, customer profiles, messaging and live job tracking.  Branding and customization is encouraged and can be done instantly within the CRM.

Choosing fieldd is like hiring a full time scheduling and dispatch team that know your junk removal business inside and out.

Your staff set their schedules, sync their calendars and adjust their service area, and fieldd uses ai to suggest the perfect availability to your customers.

Many junk removal businesses have unique services, these services are easily added via our drag & drop designer in the fieldd CRM, allowing an unlimited number of variables.

Getting paid for the work you do is a priority we understand at fieldd.

Your junk removal jobs are booked in one software system, and now payments are able to be taken as part of one easy workflow. These payments can be taken in our fieldd mobile point of sale that includes cash, card, invoices and gift vouchers.

Hi Mike,

Let's book your service

110 Smith St, Miami

Sounds perfect, must be expensive?!
Not at all!

4. Fieldd CRM

Junk removal software built for you

Brand every part of fieldd so your customers and staff think our client management and scheduling software was hand build for your junk removal business.

SMS messages, emails, push notifications & mobile apps can all be quickly customized from the fieldd CRM without any external help or coding required.

One junk removal software that does it all for your business.

5. Fieldd Payments

Offer clear pricing and services to your customers

Setup your master pricing list for all your services, products and inventory which syncs to your Mobile Service App. 

On the job your master pricing can be searched in the carpet cleaning job management app at anytime so you can add extras on the job before you invoice or take payment for the job.

Fieldd integrates with 5 of the top payment providers allowing your staff to take payments easier and faster.

Staff can accept payments without hardware in the field, customers can pre-pay online or pay invoices online. And you can accept payments from the CRM.

Additional Features

Set job checklists, quality assurance photos, and forms, pre and post job to ensure every repair is completed correctly.

Automatically schedule and dispatch junk removal teams to jobs with all the information they need to complete the job to the highest standard.

40% of internal company chat is tracking and finding the status of a junk removal team on a job. Now clients and admin can track the status at anytime, and their location on the way to their job.

Send instant push notifications to junk removal team and clients from the CRM. Fieldd’s junk removal software also allows you to message clients professionally by setting up canned responses.

Bill customers in the client management app via cash, credit card, gift voucher or send an invoice. Use promo codes and up-sell customers with additional products and services all from the mobile app point of sale.

Create branded invoices and email them to your customers with a unique link for them to pay online via credit card or via bank transfer.  These invoices can also be sent to your accounting department for processing later.

Create custom promo codes and gift vouchers for clients to redeem at the time of booking, or in the fieldd mobile point of sale once the job is complete.

Make sure your team is on time, save on fuel costs, and maximize their work day. Our smart-geofences ensure the best person for the job is always displayed to your customers.

Make the customer experience memorable by customizing all the email and SMS notifications they receive by branding each with your logos, colors and content.

With jobs and payments in one system, you’ll save hours of payment reconciliation. Sort outstanding payments with one click and view accurate reports of employee and contractor earnings.

Receive ratings from every customer that books to give you a quick oversight of which junk removal team is performing the best or worst.

Give your customers a unique experience and increase repeat rates with a branded native customer app. This mobile app is available on both iOS & Android with a 2 week delivery time.

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