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Our handyman service management software focuses on two core missions:

Relieving your team from administrative tasks as much as possible so they can focus on providing service
Ensuring your customers have the best experience possible

Whatever your handyman business issues are, fieldd has the solutions!

Too busy fixing things? We got you

If your business offers its services at your customers location and your companies address, fieldd has you covered.


Mobile & Fixed

The best handyman management software that manages and automates your entire handyman business...
And allows you to scale.

Level your playing fieldd

fieldd is a handyman business software designed with your growth as our primary objective. The traditional handyman business has 1 office admin for 4 handymen in the field; that’s 10 office admins for 40 handymen.

Our power by numbers

1: 1
Admin : Staff
1: 1
Admin : Jobs

Start managing and automating your entire handyman business with fieldd

With fieldd, you can streamline your customer experience from the moment they book your service, the day when your handyman performs the job, and the moment they receive a branded invoice from your handyman business.

With fieldd’s intuitive mobile app and integrated handyman scheduling, invoicing and CRM software, your customers can easily self-serve themselves while your business can focus on offering a wide range of unique handyman services with transparent pricing and accurate online booking availability.

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Focus on growing your handyman business

You can get started in just 5 minutes and discover our easy-to-use and fully customisable handyman scheduling software toolkit. Available for handyman and tradesmen business of all sizes.

Jobs & Payments all in one place

With fieldd’, you can schedule and manage your jobs and get paid for the work you do, all in one place.

Your jobs are booked in fieldd’s handyman scheduling software system and you can easily take online payments in the same software as a part of a seamless workflow. You can collect payment with fieldd’s handyman invoice app whether in cash, credit card, and gift vouchers.

You can also send professional-looking, branded invoices with ease.

mobile point of sale

Sounds perfect, must be expensive?!
Not at all!

Customisable handyman software built just for you

Brand every element of fieldd handyman software just like a white-label software so your customers and staff think that it’s your own client management software.

With features you can easily customize emails, SMS messages, push notifications, and mobile apps straight from the fieldd CRM without any external help or coding required.

Field Service App Customization
booking page

Accept bookings 24/7 via a customizable booking page & app

With a fully customisable scheduling software for handymen
fieldd uses AI and machine learning technologies to optimize your schedules for the best customer experience.

With fieldd, you’ll essentially get a full-time handyman scheduling and dispatch expert that knows your business and your whole staff inside and out.

Your handymen can simply set their schedules, adjust the service area, and sync their calendars, and fieldd’s AI technologies will suggest the perfect availability to your clients.

With fieldd’s drag-and-drop visual builder inside handyman CRM software, you can easily customise the service app in unlimited ways to suit your handyman business’s unique services.

All-In-One Handyman Management and Scheduling Software For your Business

Offer clear pricing and services to your customers

Setup your master pricing list for all your services, products and inventory which syncs to your Mobile Service App. 

On the job your master pricing can be searched in the carpet cleaning job management app at anytime so you can add extras on the job before you invoice or take payment for the job.

Online Payments

Additional Features

Quality Control System

Quality Control System

  • Plan and set handyman job checklists
  • Take and record quality assurance photos
  • Prepare pre and post-job forms to ensure every repair is completed based on the requirements
Scheduling and Dispatch

Automated Schedule and Dispatch

  • Smart scheduling
  • Automatically dispatching handymen to jobs
  • Accurate information for each job so handymen can complete the job with the highest standards
gps job tracking

GPS Staff & Job Tracking

  • Easily track the location and job status of a handyman on the job
  • Both clients and admin and track the job status in real-time
  • Track the handyman’s location accurately
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Staff, Client and Admin Chat

  • Send instant push notifications to both handymen and clients from the CRM
  • Messaging clients professionally from fieldd by setting up canned responses

Mobile App Point of Sale

  • Bill customers in the client management app via cash, credit card, gift voucher
  • Send a branded invoice
  • Use promo codes
  • Up-sell customers with additional products/services straight from the mobile POS

Job Invoice System

  • Create custom promo codes and gift vouchers for clients
  • Clients can redeem codes and vouchers at the time of booking or when the job is complete via fieldd mobile POS
Quality Control System

Promo Codes and Gift Vouchers

Create custom promo codes and gift vouchers for clients to redeem at the time of booking, or in the fieldd mobile point of sale once the job is complete.

gps job tracking

Smart-Geofence Zone Mapping

  • Make sure your handymen are always on-time
  • Save fuel costs
  • Maximize your team’s time everyday
  • Ensuring the best person for the job is always displayed to your clients
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Branded Email and SMS

  • Fully-customisable email and SMS notifications
  • Brand your SMS and emails with your logos, brand colors, and other brand elements

Automated Payment Reconciliation

  • Saving hours in payment reconciliation by having jobs and payment details in one app
  • Sort outstanding payments with just one click
  • View accurate reports of handyman earnings
Quality Control Ratings

Customer Ratings

  • Receive ratings from every customer
  • Providing in-depth insights into the performances of your handymen
field service app

White Label App

  • Fully-customisable, branded native customer app
  • White-label mobile app available on both Android and iOS with only 2-week delivery time

7-Day Free Trial

The best handyman management and scheduling software is a click away!

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