Taking Home Inspection Pictures for Liability

It’s often said, “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. While this saying might be very theoretical in daily life, it’s very much true and practical in the house inspection industry. Inspection photos can save both the client and the property assessor from many troubles in the short-term, as well as long-term. 

Many older and outdated home inspection agents neglect the importance of inspection photos during the house inspection process. That’s because inspection photos were never a thing before digital cameras and great phone cameras have become ubiquitous. Today, house inspection photos can reduce customer complaints and also improve the overall results of the whole inspection process. 

Some businesses don’t even work without the help of some digital photo-taking device. Just like in these industries, the modern house inspection industry also takes the same level of advantage from digital cameras and photos. 

There are many reasons to scale your home inspection business. That’s why it’s unfortunate to be in a situation where your business is needed the most but you are unable to capitalize. The following is one example where improving your service can help grow your business. If you’re looking to improve your service offering, learn more and try fieldd for free. 

Taking pictures to protect your business:

A home inspector took inspection photos of a house that was vacant for 18 months. The inspector ran water through various fixtures of the house, including the shower directly above the kitchen. The inspector took photos of the whole house, including the kitchen ceiling which showed no signs of problems at that time. 

When the clients moved in, they detected a massive water stain above the kitchen sink and below the bathroom shower. As the stain was dry and rough, it was believed that the stain could have been there since the beginning. The claimant declared that the stain has been there all along. 

However, as the inspector had taken photos during the house inspection, it was clear that there was no sign of such a stain during the inspection process. It was concluded that the stain might have occurred from the water test that was done — but the inspector couldn’t be held responsible for the damage. 

How to best utilize your photos?

Here are a few things to keep in mind during, and after the real estate appraisal process to make the most out of your photos:

Take multiple photos:

During a property appraisal or building inspection, you must take several photos of the same spot in order to select the best one from them afterward. Every great photographer takes a burst of shots for a single scene, so there’s no mishap that can output bad results later on. The same photography rule applies to photos during a house inspection, multiple photos must be taken so there’s nothing missing.

Take good angles:

It’s important to take photos from every angle that clearly displays everything about the scene and its conditions. You want to make everything crystal clear — and you’d have to take crystal clear photos for the purpose. 

Arrows are your friend:

Sometimes, the problem you’re trying to display inside a picture isn’t clear well enough to the viewer. To fix this, you can always put bright-colored arrows around the problematic area to clearly show the issue.

Offer the best home inspection services

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