How Apps Help Businesses in 2021

Today, the world is connected through technology. The use of apps has grown so quickly that their prevalence is now almost unavoidable. More and more people are switching out their laptops for smartphones and tablets, while others are eagerly waiting for the day when they can have a super computer embedded in a watch. It’s no surprise that businesses are taking app-based business strategies to the next level by implementing them as effective tools to make money.

Branded apps have become quite useful in the field of business, with a large number of business owners and entrepreneurs reaping its benefits. The accuracy and quickness of this form of technology has made it a favorite among many professionals. Most are able to manage their business better using apps, particularly those in the retail, sales, marketing, and consulting industries.

In 2016, Shopify released a report on how mobile commerce will progress until 2021. According to the report, “with e-commerce sales rising in developed markets, the Western world could potentially triple in size by 2021. The cost of shipping goods through conventional means is getting out of hand.” Consequently, e-commerce is the preferred mode of business transactions for many people around the globe. Apps are helping businesses stay competitive against each other and against other businesses that are embracing technology as their main driver for success.

How Apps Help Businesses in 2021?

The most obvious benefit is that people know where to find your business. The branded app has your name and logo all over it. They can simply search for you in the app and get an immediate answer about what you’re offering, where you are and your availabilities.


Another plus about having one is that people can view prices anywhere, anytime.

They can make a booking with no problem. They can also schedule appointments.


Third, the app is useful to send messages and communicate with clients and potential clients remotely. It’s also beneficial in its ability to check the number of bookings you have made, which means you have more control over your business.

Average Cost of Developing a Branded Booking App

Unless you’re a software expert, developing an app from scratch is not an easy thing to do. You need to have a detailed plan and research about which tools you would need for the app, how many pages it would have and at what rate it will cost. It’s best that you hire a professional one who has experience in developing apps. There are many places that you can go, like Google or Yahoo to search for a mobile app developer. You can then contact them and ask them how much it will cost for them to develop your app, but that comes with it’s own risks. Apart from the large out lay of cost,

How will you know its exactly what you want?
How Will it work properly and does it have regular updates?
Is it providing you with the right solution your business requires?

These are all the things you need to think of before going down the app development route. This is why we at fieldd deliver our branded apps to our customers worldwide.

The Benefits Of Using fieldd's Branded Apps.

Simple, its quick, its affordable and its incredibly powerful. The reason being is, it has over 5+ years of development, UX strategy and understanding coming as standard. We have developed our app to solve specific problems for mobile service based businesses allowing them to automate and give their customers the opportunity to book them directly from their pocket, within 14 days of ordering. So, if you’re wanting to see for yourself how apps help businesses in 2021, get in touch with us, try our 7 day trial and see just how easily we can automate and scale your business.
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