Customer Experience Expectations 2022 – Staying Ahead of Evolving Trends

Our world is changing; and with it, so too are trends of customer experience expectations. As the digitalization of industries continues to become more prominent, it is critical for businesses to adapt. Smart businesses can capitalize on evolving trends before others catch on. Leaving competitors in the dust – think Amazon.

Why are Customer Expectations Changing?

 More than ever, customers are demanding convenience. They want products and services delivered to their doorstep. Your customers want a seamless experience and ease of use when interacting with your business. Customer loyalty only goes so far. We all once used Blockbuster, and yet their customer loyalty was replaced by Netflix who offered a more convenient service.

Did you know 94% of consumers would choose a new vendor if they offered online-booking services? Consumers are impatient. They want to book services instantly, without the time-consuming back-and-forth communication. They want immediate feedback and confirmation. Customers look for who offers high levels of convenience. Even if this is your competitor!

In a survey, 97% of consumers indicated they had backed out of a booking due to the lack of convenience. For businesses still using online quote forms – customers are turning to competitors whilst waiting to hear back. Those manual booking methods are an Achilles heel to business growth. They cost you time and reduce your business success.

How do you adapt to changing customer experience expectations?

So how do you act as a leader in your industry and continue to add real value to your customers? The importance of identifying these trends, and adapting to capitalize on these opportunities, has never been more critical.

For many small businesses, it can be intimidating or daunting thinking about changing the way you run your business. Branching into mobile service offerings has high perceive barriers to entry.
As to become a mobile business you need software. Software is expensive, takes time to develop, and requires some serious know-how.
Or you can use a solution such as fieldd, fieldd has built a turn-key platform for mobile-service businesses of any size.
Through fieldds platform, mobile-service businesses gain access to automated, AI powered software that will catapult their service experience ahead of their competitors. Beyond the increased efficiency (up to 300%) of your business operations, fieldd’s platform is designed for your customers just as much as it is for your business. Best part of fieldd, you can offer your shop services and mobile all in one platform!

How is fieldd enabling your business to exceed customer expectations?

  • Automated online and mobile bookings. Your customers can locate their address, select a time slot available, receive immediate confirmation, updated job alerts, and ease of payment either through online invoicing or on-site hardware free transactions.
  • Personalized Experience. Your customers can download an app branded to your business, book through the app, track their jobs, communicate with your staff, provide reviews.
  • On-time scheduling. Gone are the days when you have to block off your whole day for a 5 hour arrival window. Fieldds’ smart scheduling ensures guaranteed arrival times.
  • Job tracking, updates, & communication. Need to reschedule? Do it instantaneously in-app. Curious where your crew is? Track them in the app. Want to book a recurring job? Do it within the app.
  • We could ramble on about the ways fieldd is designed to help you position your business to satisfy customer experience expectations. The best way to level up your business and capitalize on these evolving customer trends is to jump into a free trial. See the power of fieldd in action today! Customer Experience Expectations
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