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Building better job booking software

We are committed to improving our fieldd platform by investing in the latest AI technology. As a result, fieldd AI can help you deliver services to your customers faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Our fieldd AI can determine the best service schedule in under a second. All you see is an efficient workforce and an increase in customer retention and satisfaction.


AI reduces travel costs and optimizes service areas:


Traditionally, your service area is calculated by suburbs or distances. However, that leaves your team servicing areas that are too small, or too large.

Our Smart-Geofences will identify viable areas that previously appeared too far away. As a result, this will reduce the percentage of late service arrivals by optimizing each service area. Thus, increasing your scheduling and dispatching efficiency.

The service areas can easily be edited at any time to ensure your team is saving on travel costs and operating on time.

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Track Staff Time on Job Site

Easily verify the time spent during each job by staff member through the fieldd mobile app.

As the status of a work order changes, fieldd AI records timestamps to maintain job length accuracy.

Compile accurate work hours for timesheet and payroll purposes. 

fieldd AI

Multi-City Support

With business intelligence automation, expand or simplify your existing national operations. Our multi-city support handles time zones and allows you to manage national jobs and staff, all within one CRM dashboard.

Daily Service Areas

Trying to service an entire city usually results in late arrivals and expensive travel costs.

With fieldd, you can set various service areas for different days of the week. Monday – Tuesday you might service the northern area. Then on Wednesday – Thursday you can service the southern part of town.

To activate daily service areas, simply toggle it on with one click in your fieldd CRM.

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