Before and After Photos

How often do you wish your workers took before and after photos of your jobs?
Perhaps you have had an incident where a client swears black and blue that your team never showed, or that a damaged fence was there only after your worker went to their home? Sound familiar?

Job images are an easy thing to overlook when creating quality control processes.

Photos protect businesses from a number of problems:

- Complaints

One in 100 customers will always be unhappy no matter what you do. Sometimes their recollection of events or post-service feedback may not accurately reflect the work performed. Before and after photos help identify the complaint’s cracks and allow you to quickly and confidently respond to complaints.

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- Staff No Shows

Job images are a great way to ensure your team has completed all day’s jobs. The quality step quickly outlines the excellent staff from the bad. Ensuring you are only working with the best.

- Quality

Before and after photos ensure you no longer need to go to the site to quality check your workers’ jobs. Directly from your service software, you can efficiently check your business quality.

- Provides Marketing Materials

Gathering images of your work can be a time-consuming process. If your workers take pictures of your business’s work daily, you can utilize them for online marketing efforts. Sharing photos of your work and not stock images resonates directly with potential customers. It provides another layer of feedback for new leads to review before booking your services.

Do Before and After Photos Sync With my Scheduling Software?

Other photo markup tools are often independent of scheduling software or are manually communicated via WhatsApp or SMS. These methods are hard to remain consistent with and can be easily forgotten.

Not with fieldd. Fieldd ensures before and after photos are taken for each job. Let your team mark up areas of concern in photos, and annotate and leave notes about the job. These images are auto-synced into your fieldd CRM and your customers. You are ensuring live transparency.


In Summary

Job photos will boost your service offerings and become the backbone of your service quality. At fieldd, we understand the essential tools like photos and ensure that all users have access to this function at no additional cost. Take a look today. 

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