Scheduling Software for Services

Finally, field service management software that makes it easy for customers to book and pay for your services online.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple software, and say hello to a simpler way to manage your field service business, all in one place.

Field Service Software
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The #1 field service management software to

Complete more jobs and boost revenue without having to hire extra staff to support the extra paperwork.
Beat the competition
Provide the best customer experience in your city
Complete jobs faster​
Respond 10x faster to phone calls and estimates
Streamline operations​
Automate tasks and manage more jobs with less effort
field service software
Get paid sooner​
Accept all forms of payment, and send follow ups
Keep tabs on it all​
Get full visibility with real-time status overviews and dashboards
Get home on time​
Gain control and peace of mind for a healthy work-life balance

Schedule & Dispatch Field Services in Real-time

Customers needing to sit on hold, wait for a call back or step out of work to schedule an appointment – are bad experiences! Fieldd gives you what you need to keep to your schedule, maximize your calendar, and build an organized, well-run business to support the lifestyle of your dreams.
Customers Like This
“I’ll be there at…
Customers Dislike This

“I’ll be there between…
12:00pm – 3:00pm”

Field Service Software

Your friendly dispatcher that never sleeps

Choosing fieldd is like hiring a 24/7 scheduling and dispatch team.

Our smart online booking system turns missed calls into paying customers with a leading edge auto-dispatch system that:

  1. Systematically assigns the right resources for the job based on skills, location and availability.
  2. Automatically schedules the job and synchronizes calendars.
  3. Alerts the technician, including all the relevant job details.
94% more customers will find your services online and self-serve on your branded booking page. These appointments are accurate to a 10-minute arrival time by automatically dispatching the closest technician in area.

Our field service management software boasts a world-first auto dispatch system. To book services, users scan your QR code, visit a web page or open your white label mobile scheduling app.

Jobs dispatch via the Field Service Operations dashboard with real-time insights. New jobs alert your field service contractors or workers on their mobile devices.

Our software increases workforce productivity by creating customer profiles with every scheduled job. Profiles link contact details, photos, notes, and history to every job.


Set your schedule and let the system do the rest

The booking process is the bread and butter for many service businesses – and fieldd delivers the easiest, most efficient toolset on the market for accurately accepting and scheduling appointments online.

When your customers go to book online, or in the customer app, fieldd automatically checks availability of services and qualified staff at their location in real-time, before presenting the customer with options to schedule.

Never miss a booking and offer your availability online 24/7 so people can book on their schedule.

Once an online booking is submitted, because fieldd knows both how long your services take and how long it takes to drive between jobs, the job is automatically assigned and dispatched, and your calendars and availability are simultaneously updated. Automating job updates and zero double bookings makes field service management a breeze.

Field Service Management App
On-Demand Job Notifications

Easy Work Order Dispatch

Like Uber, our field service management app has on-demand dispatch built-in.

Nearby workers have real-time visibility of nearby on-demand jobs. Workers have complete visibility of the service details and can accept or ignore jobs as they become available.

Once accepted, live SMS updates send to customers with estimated arrival times.

On-demand dispatch is perfect for field services with flexible work schedules or short service durations.


A dashboard that manages staff and customers

Watch every field service job from the seat of your chair. fieldd’s CRM web dashboard gives field services real-time insights into their operations.

Oversee communications between customers and technicians.
Track payments and invoices as they’re billed.
Automate tasks such as invoicing and SMS reminders.

Boost customer satisfaction with real-time feedback, including ratings and technician arrival times.

Increase revenue suggestions on how to optimize your field service operations. Complete more jobs each day with visibility into travel time and service areas.

Reduce management tasks and on-site inspections with built-in quality control. Collect before and after job site photos and checklists.

Customize fieldd to your management style with easy-to-use workflow builders. Tailor communications via SMS, email, and mobile app push notifications.

Field Service CRM
Field Service Management CRM

Document every service

Document each job as if you were there. Customize how much contractors are required to document each job on-site.

Staff capture and store unlimited photos from the cam of their company app. View, share and download contractor photos taken onsite. Access all photos in the project gallery, worker profile, or digital job card.


Make your job easier

View job progress in real-time, giving you maximum visibility over your staff. Digital CRM job cards provide insights into technician performance and customer satisfaction by clicking a button.

Accept payments and resend estimates and invoices via email and SMS.

Job notes, photos, and updates sync directly to your technicians’ mobile devices.

Field Service CRM Digital Job Cards
Mobile Field Service Management App
Mobile APP FOR On-Site Workers / Techs / Contractors

An app to manage staff when they're in the field

Download our Field Service App and manage calendars, payments, and communication on-site with ease.
Sync Google Calendar with one click for quick dispatch and zero double bookings. Auto dispatch work orders based on skills, location, and availability.  Alert technicians of new jobs and sync service details to their mobile devices.

Communicate important tasks and processes using the live chat feature. Share and track arrival times and job progress with auto SMS updates. Capture and mark up before and after job photos, and store them in your CRM photo gallery.
Invoice faster with a built-in point of sale for on-the-spot payments. Estimate faster with a built-in price book and one-click estimate scheduling.
Our mobile field service app is available on Android and iOS, download it today.
Field Service Areas

Guarantee your customers schedule services nearby, not in places you don’t service. Google-powered field service areas also reduce technician downtime and travel time between appointments.

Live Job Tracking

Increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing tasks using live job tracking. Customers track technicians en route to their location and receive live SMS updates.

Customer Profiles

Organize customer payments, history, and job history into their own online profile. Customers self-serve tasks in-app and online including canceling and rescheduling jobs. 


The apps only "big companies" have

Normally, custom mobile app development takes years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Design, build and order a custom field service app in just 14 days with fieldd. Get every feature in-app, and design it to your needs using our drag-and-drop designer.

Exclusive to fieldd, get your company listed on the app stores in weeks, not years. We maintain your mobile apps whilst you focus on managing your field service.

Custom white-label mobile apps are available for both your workers and customers. White label mobile apps help customers schedule, pay, and chat faster with your staff. A white label mobile app for your workers enhances your brand image and loyalty.
White Label Field App Development

Built for Field Services of all sizes

If you’re new to business or an experienced service professional, fieldd has the solution for services of all sizes.


Why build custom software, when you can use fieldd

Some field service companies consider building their own custom software solutions – until that is, they discover fieldd. Fieldd’s modular architecture allows for virtually endless customization and personalization options, right out-of-the-box.


Select your Plan

Everything you need to run your field service management business in one powerful end-to-end platform.

Small Business
1-50 Field Staff

Field service management software that secures long-term success. Organize your customers, workers, payments, and jobs in one place.

50+ Field Staff
Field service dispatch software for multi-city enterprises. Simplify communication, and automate dispatch across different field services.
311, Microtransit, Utilities

Software that reduces citywide response times. Launch an accessible engagement suite with auto dispatch and faster resolutions.


Adapts to all field services

Mechanics & Automotive
Mechanics and Automotive

How an Indianapolis Mobile Automotive Service grew from 70 to 500 jobs /mo.

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Real Estate Photographers

Learn how a Pittsburgh Real Estate Photographer grew 200%

home cleaning software
Cleaners and Car Detailers

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Take charge of your business

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