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You’ve signed up to fieldd and you’re excited to get started. But where to begin? Please use this handy FAQ guide to help you set up your new online booking platform. If you get stuck or have any additional questions, please contact us

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How do I access my own booking page? 

To access your default booking page, from the main fieldd CRM menu, click “Setup” and select “Online Portal”. At the top of the page you will find the “Customer Scheduling URL” section. Here you can customize your booking page URL and even connect your own domain. Once you have decided on a name, scroll down to the bottom of the page a click save. Once the update is successful, go to your new URL, or scroll up and click on the pop out arrow located above the custom URL field. 


How do I set my services? 

To add all your services, click “Setup” and select “Service Designer”. We suggest deleting the default services by clicking on the service you wish to delete and hitting the “x” button under the “Actions” menu on the upper left side of the screen. Once the screen is cleared, you can start building your services. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build out your service tree:

  1. Click and drag a “New Service” van icon under “Actions” and place it on the screen.
  2. Double click on the icon, fill out the service information, and click “Update”. 
  3. Click and hold the blue connection dot and link it to the main home icon, then hit “Save” in the “Actions” menu. 
  4. To see your changes, simply go to your booking page. You may need to refresh the page to see the final changes. 
  5. Add as many services and sub-services you are willing to offer. 
How does automated job scheduling and dispatching work? 

By using fieldd, you can reduce job schedule and dispatch office tasks by up to 80%. Our AI powered mapping system ensures that the right staff member is dispatched and calculates the estimated job completion time. This Scheduling & Dispatch System allows customers to book services online 24/7 and your staff will be notified instantly via the mobile app. As a result, jobs are booked and completed more efficiently, allowing for increased service capacity. To check all your bookings, go to your fieldd CRM menu and click on the “Schedule” then sort all your bookings using the tabs above.  

How do I customize the look of my booking page? 

Click “Setup” and select “Online Portal”. From here you can change the header image, the accent colors, the page titles or install your own custom CSS. You can also change various error and confirmation messages the client may see. Once you have made your changes, make sure to hit “Save” at the bottom of the page. 


How do I offer additional products and services at checkout? 

From the main fieldd CRM menu, click “Products” and select “Online Categories”. On the top of the page, click on the “Add” button to name your product or service, then click “Update”. For the item to appear on your staff app, click on “App POS Categories”, and add the same item, then hit “Update”. Finally, click on “Inventory” and “Add” the new product or service. Make sure to select the correct service the product is associated with under the “Service Matching” section, and then click “Update”.


How do I create and offer discounts to my customers? 

From the main fieldd CRM menu, click “Discounts” and then click the “+ Add” button at the top of the page. Set the details of your discount including a “Code”, and hit save. Use this promo code in your marketing efforts.


How do I add additional questions on my booking page to gather more customer information? 

From the main fieldd CRM menu, click on “Setup” and then “Extra Questions”. Turn this feature on and set a “Title” for the section that will appear on the booking page. Then click on “Add Question” to add as many questions as you would like, and you can even make them mandatory. Hit “Save” when you’re all done. 


How do I set up Geofences? 

From the main fieldd CRM menu, click “Setup” and then “Geofences”. Your default Geofence will be displayed based on the location you initially provided. You can edit this Geofence or create new ones by clicking on the existing Geofence, “Custom-Geo” or “Smart-Geo” under “Zones” in the bottom left side of the screen. White dots should appear surrounding the area of an existing Geofence. You can then drag each dot to customize the range of your Geofence. When you’re satisfied with your Zones, hit “Save”. 

You can also create additional cities by clicking on the green “+” in the “Cities” menu on the upper left side of the screen. 


How do I customize the Uber-like live job tracking map that the customers see? 

From the main fieldd CRM menu, click “Setup” and then “Live Track Design”. Here you can change the logo, colors, the icon representing your staff, and the destination point icon. When you’re all done with your changes, hit “Save”.


How do I edit the email that my customers receive when they book a service with me? 

From the main fieldd CRM menu, click “Setup” and then “Email Design”. Here you can change the text and the color and the logo that appears on the confirmation email. When you’re all done with your changes, hit “Save”. 


How do I customize what my staff and contractors can see and do on their fieldd apps? 

From the main fieldd CRM menu, click “Setup” and then “Fieldd app”. Here you can update the logo and change the colors that appear on the app. You can also control whether or not an employee can contact clients through the app and what canned responses they can use. In addition, you can create checklists for them to follow and require them to get a client signature to complete a job. 


How are invoices created and sent to clients? 

Once a job is completed, an invoice can be sent to you or directly to clients. You can customize the information on the invoice in the fieldd CRM by clicking on “Setup” and then “Invoice”. Here you can set the due date, and text prefixes for the invoices as well as add your own “Bank Account Payments” information. 


Can I be notified when a customer books a service, when a job is completed, or when an invoice is overdue? 

Yes, to control the notifications you receive as an account administrator, from the fieldd CRM menu, go to “Setup” and then “Notification Settings”. Here you can turn on booking alerts and invoice reminders to be sent to you. 


Can I message my staff or contractors through the fieldd CRM? 

Yes, to send a direct message to a specific employee or to all of your staff, in the field CRM, click on “Comms”. From here you can search for a staff member to message them directly, click on the “Broadcast” tab in order to send a message to your entire staff list. 


If I receive a job on the phone or through other means, how do I add it to my schedule and assign it to a staff member? 

In the fieldd CRM, under “Schedule” in the “Grid”, click on the “+ Add” button at the top of the page. From here you can input the customer information, the service they want, and then select the available staff. Click “Save’ once all the details have been set. The new job should now appear in the gridview and the “Calendar”. 


Can I keep track of my job leads on the fieldd CRM? 

Yes, you can store and manage any job leads you would like to keep track of future business. In the fieldd CRM menu, click on “Leads”. By default we have set milestones such as “New Lead”, “Proposal Sent”, and “Won” or “Lost”. You can remove these or add new ones by clicking on “Manage Milestones”. From here you can click on “Add Lead” or double-click on the “+” in any milestone to add a new lead. Once a lead is created, you can click and drag it to any milestone or right-click it to move or delete it as well. 


How do I add new employees and contractors to my fieldd setup? 

When you have new workers or contractors to add to your team, from the fieldd CRM app, click on “Field Staff”. From here you can see all your currently active or deactivated employees. Simply click on the “+ Add” button at the top of the page to add a new employee. Make sure to create additional geofences to assign to new employees before you add a new staff member.

You can also give workers admin access to your fieldd CRM to help you manage your bookings by clicking on “Admin Staff” and adding them there. Added staff will receive a notification that they have been added to the system. Click on the blue “i” icon next to a staff member’s name to edit their information or to deactivate them if necessary. 


I have a huge list of customer contacts, can I add them to the fieldd CRM system? 

Yes, in the fieldd CRM menu, click on “Customers”. From here you can add clients manually by clicking on the “+ Add” button at the top of the page. You can also use the “Import” button to upload a .CSV with all your contacts. 


Where can I review all the quality control pictures my staff is uploading onto the system? 

From the fieldd CRM menu, click on “Quality”. From here you can see a photostream of all the pictures that have been uploaded by your staff. You can sort the images by date and staff member as well as download a copy of any image. 


Can I see all the sales I’ve received and adjust deductions if necessary? 

Yes, go to “Fieldd POS” to see a summary of all your sales by week. To make billing adjustments, click on “All Payments” and then on the “i” next to the name of the staff member you wish to perform a deduction from. You’ll see a breakdown of their earnings. Click on the “+ Deductions” button on the upper left side of the window to make your deduction and then hit “Save”. You can also view all your outstanding, paid and void invoices by clicking on the “Invoices” in the menu. 


Can I see a list of all the customers that have either cancelled a service or the ones where an attempt was made, but our staff was unable to complete the job for some reason?

Yes, from the fieldd CRM menu, click on “Analytics”. From here you have access to every cancelled and attempted job order and their details. With this information you can follow-up with cancellations and attempted jobs in order to potentially create new clients. 

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