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Will a Scheduling App Help my Business?

If you’re a business owner or working in a business that is using traditional old-school methods of operating via whiteboards, excel spreadsheets, text messages, and endless phone calls, then you’ve come to the right place.

The increasing popularity of service-based companies require new forms of business management. Many people now work remotely. As a result, management needs better visibility of their staff whereabouts, which can be a costly and time-consuming process. With staff on flexible hours, employers need to empower on-demand service workers by giving them more autonomy to see all the information required to get to, and complete the job safely, maintain quality and take mobile payments on-site.

Thankfully, due to the advancements in software development, the arrival of ready to use scheduling apps have changed the landscape of day-to-day operations for small to large businesses.

The benefits of scheduling software

The main advantage of a well-designed scheduling software and app is to take the guesswork out of dispatching people for the right job at the right time and to the right location.

By using advanced algorithms to streamline scheduling, booking convenience will dramatically increase customer and staff adoption. You’ll wonder how you conducted business without it!

With the time saved scheduling staff, this allows business owners or managers to regain that time otherwise spent scheduling, and invest it into things that can further grow the business. For example, how could Uber grow as fast as it has if it had to reply to quote requests, and manually work out which driver was available when and where?

With a scheduling platform like fieldd, here is how we can solve internal business problems, improve processes, and increase efficiency.
  1. Easily set up your regular weekly working schedule.
  2. Set up accurate travel times and zones so your staff are more efficient when driving between jobs.
  3. Set the average duration it takes to complete each service (Don’t worry, you can stay agile via your scheduling app and set as many variables as you need)
  4. Let the customer book their desired service at a time and date that suits them.
  5. Sync as many service variables you have using geofencing to guarantee your staff can perform the service on time.
  6. Guarantee the scheduled time your customer has booked. You won’t have to call to confirm or cancel if your team is unable to accommodate the booking. Our fieldd AI has already done the hard work for you.
  7. Ensure your entire team of staff or employees are on time, and take the most efficient route saving on fuel costs.
  8. Should a situation change on-site with the job, such as delays, give staff the freedom to instantly update their calendar via their scheduling app. This will instantly sync back to the office CRM where admins and customers can see their new availability.
  9. Easily view, modify, add a note, reschedule or cancel any booking, then live sync it through the cloud automatically. Much easier than wiping it off the whiteboard, and calling your staff to let them know.

Let the technology do the heavy lifting, and save time in the back office with a scheduling app.

Learn more about our fieldd scheduling app and how it will help your business improve operations.

The fieldd app is available in 154 countries including Canada, USA and Australia.

Website: fieldd.co

Facebook: fieldd.me/scheduling-fb

Linkedin: fieldd.me/bcce6

Instagram: fieldd.me/h0p5

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