White labelled Branding

Make fieldd suite your company branding

Use Your Company Branding

Place your service company logo on display for your employees, staff and contractors to view every time they log in.

Brand every push notification with your company name to personalise the mobile app experience for your workforce.

Brand their mobile app service screen with your company logo, main company service, and their services.

All updates can be made from your field admin dashboard, and are pushed live to your staff apps instantly.

Branded Communications

Brand every email sent from our platform with your company name and reply email address.

Emails to staff and clients including, invoices, receipts, new staff, forgotten app passwords, are all branded with your company colours, logos and details. 

Enhance your brand image with professional, branded SMS messages.

Every SMS sent to your clients will automatically contain service details such as job info, job eta and the job address. SMS messages will also be branded with your staff members name,  your company name, and contain a short link to reply and live track the service call.

Make fieldd look as if it was built FOR your business

Brand the online scheduling experience for your clients and office mangers with your company logo, colours, URL and services.

Customised Emails

Customised Text Msg

Customised URLs

Branded Touchpoints

Just focus on growing your customers.

Get started in 5 mins and discover an easy to use, fully customisable field service toolkit, for companies big and small.

Connect some, or all of our features & pay on a per feature, per job basis. Fieldd is designed to grow with your company, big or small.