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What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software gives you the ability to view and control your business workflow and workforce from an online CRM dashboard. For example, if you have a service company, and you have a new service call, you need to make sure that your customer is satisfied with the service you provide, whilst adhering to your internal time, quality, and performance standards.

Your Field Service Management Software will help you manage various aspects regarding your service calls, like dispatching a technician, tracking vehicles, and storing information on that service call into your CRM. Being a cloud-based platform allows access from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet when you’re away from the office.

Using these solutions within a field service management software platform brings your entire business operation into one digital location. Instead of relying on feedback from your clients and workforce to understand the performance of your business.

You can adjust your field service software to you business by upgrading to more advanced reporting and features. However, these management features are greatly dependent on you or your office administration team’s ability to manage this information and these features.

I’m already using a CRM software, a Mobile POS, Online Booking software, and a Scheduling and Dispatch system

As a business owner, having to complete service calls and manage everything that happens inside and outside of the office can be a big hassle. Using multiple pieces of software to schedule and dispatch technicians, collect mobile payments, and maintain records is inefficient.

What if all these tasks could be handled by one piece of field service software?

We have a solution that will handle all these tasks for you, reducing stress, and streamlining your service company. You can get started with fieldd today in as little as 5 minute. The fieldd platform will quickly help you to automate and manage regular task so you can complete service calls and the tasks associated with them, faster, and easier.

Now, let’s take a look at the key differences and why fieldd is the best software choice for your service company in Australia, USA, Canada and beyond.

Schedule and Dispatch Staff Automatically

Typically, when scheduling a service call over the phone or via an online quote request, you need to find the perfect time that suits both your customer, and your employee. But first, you need to consider 7 key factors:

  1. Technician service area – Who is available in which area, and do you need to on-charge for travel time?
  1. Technician Qualifications – Can your staff perform all your services, or can certain staff perform certain services?
  1. Technician Availability – Which day are they free to complete the service call in their work calendar, and cross reference it with their personal time off calendar?
  1. Service Call Pricing – What does this service call cost?
  1. Upgrades – Are there any upgrades or up-sells to be offered with this specific service call?
  1. Service Call Duration – How long will this service call take?
  1. Are Multiple Technicians required? – Do you need more than one person on this service call? If so, when dispatching a crew, who will be foreman?

Once you have considered the above, a time is suggested to your customer. If this time isn’t suitable, the process is repeated until the perfect time and service is selected. Our Field Service Management Software allows you to automate the above scheduling and dispatch process using powerful artificial intelligence features. These features are wrapped into a fully customizable and branded online booking portal.

The fieldd drag and drop service designer allows companies to visually view their customer workflow, and fieldd takes care of the rest using our AI.

This enhanced customer and admin experience reduces the average call time from 8 minutes down to as low as 90 seconds, with 99.9% suggested time slot accuracy.

Manage Quality Control from your Desk

If you run a business in Canada, USA or elsewhere,  you will experience quality control problems.

Time consuming on-site visits, and inconsistent feedback increases service company costs. Our contractor scheduling software features service specific checklists and high quality photos, that are time stamped at arrival and/or completion of every service call.

Once the service call is complete, your customers will be prompted via SMS to rate their service received and provide feedback to help you improve.

This enhanced insight into contractor performance is displayed in your fieldd CRM in a media feed, job timeline, and feedback section on each job.

These fieldd features are part of a number of other quality control measures to ensure your service is delivered on time, every time, to the highest standard.

Get Paid for Service Calls Faster and Easier

Similar to squareup.com, fieldd has combined the ease of a Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS), into our fieldd Service App.

Other field service management software platforms treat service calls and payments as two different tasks, but fieldd does things differently. The fieldd platform offers a fully integrated payment suite, eliminating daily payment matching, saving hours of matching payments to outstanding service calls.

Our Mobile POS app accepts and/or records cash, credit card, discounts, gift vouchers, and issues invoices with a link for your customers to pay online or to your bank account. Your technicians can also edit work orders, adding extra services and products directly in their fieldd app that syncs from your company CRM.

When you are matching daily jobs to payments, it only takes one click to instantly display a list of completed and paid service calls across card, cash, and invoices. More importantly, it instantly shows you a list of service calls in progress without payment.

iOS and Android Staff Apps

The fieldd platform fully supports both iOS and Android users. Our fieldd service software is being actively developed for users on both platforms. These apps can be used simply as a Mobile Point-of-Sale, or as a full large scale Schedule and Dispatch Software.

Mobile Workforce App when you’re out of the Office

Managing your workforce when you’re out of office is always a hassle for any business owner.

Logging into the common CRM management dashboard is great, but the information needs to be reviewed by you and your team so you can decide if it requires action.

The fieldd Mobile Admin App* available on iOS and Android, alerts you in real-time when issues are predicted to occur, or as they happen. No other field service management platform offers this kind of feature that allows you to operate outside of the office without worrying what you’ll miss not sitting at your desk.

*Coming Q4 2020

Customer Relationship Management for Service Companies

Having regular conversations with your clients is very important as a business owner, and understanding prior conversations is even more important.

CRM’s are often used next to mobile payments and booking systems. In comparison, fieldd automates and manages the workflow of your service calls, the scheduling and dispatch of your workforce, and mobile payments. But it also collects the entire conversation between your clients and your brand.

Live GPS Tracking and Updates

Delivering your customers a service they want to tell their friends about is often hard to achieve. With companies like Amazon and Uber dominating and raising the bar for deliveries and tracking, it makes it even harder for service companies to meet their client’s expectations.

Our contractor app auto logs and updates your clients and staff in an Uber style fashion through SMS messages and branded mobile app push notifications. Our fieldd Service App sends SMS messages containing a link for your customers to view, locate and track their service call. This live GPS tracking experience is branded to your companies logos and colors, as if you’ve hand built this enhanced customer experience for your customers.

Develop your Brand Within your Field Service Company

When your staff logs into their mobile app and receive emails, they will see your companies logo, and colors. Push notifications will also send from your company, further enhancing your internal brand identity.

Using fieldd software with your brand displayed in as many places establishes trust with your staff. Should you need to update your company branding, these updates can be made from your admin dashboard, and are pushed live immediately.

Mobile and Physical Location Scheduling

Sometimes service calls require in-house appointments at your physical locations, and require your service crew to be available at certain locations.

Our fieldd contractor scheduling software can schedule your mobile crews and allows your teams to work between your workshop and mobile locations. Travel time charges can also be added to each work order, and these extra costs can automatically be passed on to your customers at the time of scheduling to maintain transparency.

When trying to establish which is the best service software for your company, fieldd offers unique differences that automates your company, instead of just managing it. The fieldd platform also offers powerful features that will reduce costs, and increase overall staff and client brand recognition as well as customer satisfaction.

The fieldd platform is available as a free CRM software solution for startups, on a per job, per feature pricing model for large enterprise-sized businesses, with no upfront costs or monthly fees.

Select your software plan today, and get started within 15 minutes: fieldd.co/pricing

Facebook: fieldd.me/3fwp

Linkedin: fieldd.me/jd8

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