System Integration vs Software Development

Does your current booking software require multiple duck-taped integrated systems? Payments, Calendar, Whatsapp, Accounting, and Marketing solutions are commonly added together for a business to operate.
Seems timely and expensive, right? Do businesses have other options? Before automated dispatch by fieldd, companies would need to choose between system integration vs software development costs.

What is the Difference Between System Integration vs Software Development?

Integrations are a common way to manage the tasks of businesses. Advisory organizations target businesses to assist them in taping together different solutions.

Unfortunately, independent software solutions have functional limitations that leave tasks incomplete. These incomplete tasks take away from owners focussing on other areas of their business.

How much time is spent on tasks due to inefficient duck-taped solutions?

  • 10 minutes per customer call
  • 30 minutes chasing job photos
  • 30 minute of email followup
  • 1 hour contacting workers to ask about location and job status
  • 30 minutes of scheduling
  • 30 minutes of job confirmations
  • 1 hour of payment matching¬†

Without a doubt, you can see how time is not efficiently being used on tasks that software should automate, not assist you in managing.

A solution to the above scenario is custom software development. Many seek this avenue to create a perfect solution for themselves and their customers.

Software development is a new avenue for small businesses, draining resources and pulling owners away further from automating tasks.

System Integration vs Software Development

How does fieldd replace integrated software and custom software development?

At fieldd, we provide businesses with the entire loop needed to run a service business.

Our philosophy is that an organization should have a system that reduces time spent on daily tasks and allows you to scale.

Within fieldd, we provide an optimization tracking system, highlighting each minute saved by automation. Put your time and money back in your pocket.

Take a look today, experience automated dispatch software, and say goodbye to deciding between system integration vs software development. 

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