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The ideal service management booking platform no matter what service you provide.

Will this work for my industry? YES!

If you have staff or independent contractors performing on-site service jobs, our service management software is designed to work for your business. Our fieldd booking platform is completely customizable to the point where your clients will think you’ve hand built it for your company or franchise. We have industry specific configurations pre-loaded into fieldd so you can start automating your business within 15 mins.

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Can’t seem to find software tailored to my business

Is your business model very unique or have certain restrictions? 

Our online cloud-based customer booking system is entirely flexible to fit your specific business needs. The fieldd platform includes a wide range of smart administrative tools to help streamline your processes in order to get more jobs done faster.

We use multiple pieces of software we can’t live without

How much time are you spending on administrative tasks?

Improve customer experience with seamless integration to any of your existing sales or marketing tools. The fieldd service management booking app can adapt and simplify your workflow in order to better grow your business.

I already have an online customer booking system

Are you receiving enough work orders from your existing online platform?

The quality of your customer interactions can make or break your business. We can help you understand their needs in order to build a better booking system that facilitates sales.

Our Power in Numbers

1 %
Admin Time Saved
1: 1
Admin : Staff Ratio
1: 1
Admin : Job Ratio

Featured Industry Examples

Add a booking web app system to your website and make it easier for your clients to schedule your locksmith services. Offer reliable 24/7 emergency lockpicking services and more to your customers.

free appointment scheduler

Tow smarter with a fully integrated on-demand online platform. Get more towing requests 24/7 with a customizable towing appointment management app.

Stop wasting time and start completing more same-day car scratch and dent repair jobs by taking advantage of an online service appointment booker platform.

Less downtime, more car wash clients – Online reservation tools make it easier for your clients to book your car washing services online.

Fix phones faster and make more money doing it – Receive more work orders by implementing a customizable online services booking system for your customer.

A business scheduler to better manage your pet grooming appointments and serve more clients with ease. Get more pet owners and grow your grooming business.

Get paid immediately for your work. Our windshield repair booking platform allows your customers to schedule an appointment and pay online before you even step out the door.

Get more car tinting referrals. Booking appointments online platform that incentivizes satisfied customers to help you grow your business.

home inspection

Get more business for your inspection services. Make it easier for clients to book and schedule the right of home inspections based on your availability.

Stay on schedule and improve your service quality with CRM and QA tools. Get more information from your customer in order to do the job right the first time.

pool maintenance

Better manage your team and prevent overbooking. Manage a large number of staff with different availabilities with ease.

window cleaning web scheduling

Schedule your staff efficiently to make more money. Create extra revenue streams with easy product and service up-selling.

A booking platform with a lot more to offer

Automated/Manual Schedule and Dispatch

Manually or automatically schedule and dispatch staff to jobs with all the information they need to perform the service call. 

Quality Control Checks

Set checklists and require quality assurance photos pre and post job to ensure high quality service and prevent liability in the event of a dispute. 


Job GPS and Staff Tracking

Never be left in the dark. Clients and admins can track the location and status of an employee or contractor on their way to the job site. 

Staff, Client and Admin Chat

Maintain open lines of communications but keep it professional by setting up the canned responses your staff are allowed to use when messaging a customer.


Point-of-Sale in Mobile App

Use the fieldd mobile app to complete transactions on site as well as use promo codes and up-sell additional services to customers. 


Job Invoice System

Create branded invoices and have them sent out automatically to paying customers or send the invoices to your accounting department for processing. 

Create Promo Codes and Memberships

Create promo codes for on-going deals redeemable on your website or app. Also, create membership programs for your most loyal customers.


Smart-Geofence Zone Mapping

Never be late to a job again. Our AI system establishes localized service areas to maximize job coverage and efficiency while reducing travel costs. 

Email and SMS Marketing

Make the customer experience memorable by customizing all the email and SMS notifications they receive by branding each with your logos, colors and content. 

Automated Payment Reconciliation

Receive payments, set taxes and fees, issue refunds, make adjustments and pay your staff and contractors automatically from one platform. 

Contractor Payroll

Set revenue split as agreed upon by you and your independent contractors. The amount is then automatically paid out per job completed. 

Crew Scheduling, Surge Pricing, Sales Reporting, Lead Management and More

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Need an Enterprise solution?

Ideal for all field based industries, we are the solution for any complex schedule and dispatch scenario.

Streamline operations and grow your business with enterprise scheduling software.

online appointment booking application

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