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Schedule your staff your way

Typically, skilled office managers convert online quotes and job requests into work orders. Once completed, employees are then dispatched to the appropriate service call. 

Our fieldd scheduling service management software features an easy to use drag and drop design. This allows for the creation of dynamic workflows to better offer your various services to customers. 

Therefore, your customers can book your services online and pay for add-ons as well as make changes to their booking. This includes selecting services based on technician skill levels or setting a completion time per service requested.

Live availability of each technician is displayed based on their geolocation, skill level, and calendar. As a result, this takes the guesswork out of booking jobs and processing work orders. This enhanced workflow reduces your office admin by up to 80%.


On-demand scheduling service

Our scheduling service software is ideal for industries such as towing, locksmiths, HVAC repair, doctors, plumbers and other emergency or on-demand services. It is also well-suited for any service company that requires live location-based alerts. For example, the same way Uber alerts and schedules their taxi drivers.

Your workforce simply sets their service radius in their fieldd service app. Once set, they will receive on-demand alerts that they can accept, reject or ignore. Office admins have access to a live dispatch board where they can drag and drop on-demand jobs to the appropriate workers.

The office admin can also see the requested jobs clearly plotted on a live map which highlights the closest staff member. This allows them to efficiently dispatch staff to these on-demand jobs.


Create and manage staff timesheets

Make it easy for staff and admin to create and submit accurate timesheets for payroll processing. No more chasing employees to know their work hours. The fieldd app and fieldd CRM tracks all time scheduled and spent on the job by the second. 


Dynamically schedule and dispatch your staff

The fieldd app allows you to schedule and dispatch your staff to work orders as they come in. Whether you want to completely automate the system or dispatch workers manually, you have the power to use fieldd your way.

Automatic Dispatch

Manual Dispatch



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