Scheduling & Dispatching Software

Will schedule your team faster & smarter.

Schedule your staff your way

Field service management software typically requires skilled office managers to convert online quote requests into work orders, before they dispatch these service calls to employees.

Our field service management software features a drag and drop field service designer allowing you to dynamically create a workflow of your mobile services with ease.

Visualise how your customers will discover your mobile services when booking online, and set a range of mobile service variables based on technician skill levels, and time to complete each mobile service.

The live availability of each technician based on their geofence, skill level and calendar is then synced in realtime to an online calendar. It’s now easy for clients to book, and it also takes the guesswork out when you admin staff are taking phone bookings or processing work orders.  This enhanced workflow reduces your office admin by up to 80%.

On-Demand Scheduling

Our on-demand software is suited for companies such as emergency towing, locksmiths, HVAC, doctors, and plumbers. It also suits any service company that requires live location based alerts and client job requests, the same way Uber alerts and schedules their taxi drivers.

Your workforce simply sets their service radius in their field service app, then they will receive on-demand alerts that they can accept, reject or ignore. Office admin also has access to a live dispatch board where they can drag and drop on-demand jobs into their teams schedule.

Office admin can also see the requested jobs clearly plotted on a map and in a live feed that highlights the closest staff member, allowing them to efficiently dispatch staff to these on-demand jobs.

Schedule the way your business needs

fieldd allows you to schedule and dispatch your staff to call outs or bookings however you require it. If you want to completely automate it or have manually dispatch, thats’ fine, fieldd can do it all. 

Automatic Dispatch

Manual Dispatch



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