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With the proper business planning and tools, real estate photography can be a lucrative career. The real estate industry requires regular high quality pictures which involves spending a lot of time at different locations. Therefore, good time management and scheduling are essential to a successful photography business. 

First impressions are important when selling real estate and a good one requires great pictures. Real estate developers need reliable real estate photographers at a moments notice to help sell any property. 

To better serve all your photography clients, a robust photographer scheduling apps is a necessary business expense for any photography business. Software solutions such as fieldd can help streamline your operations in order to get more shooting done. Here’s all the information you need about scheduling apps for photographers. 

Why do Real Estate Photographers Need Scheduling Software?

Commercial photography is a competitive market. Similar to camera equipment, if you don’t stay up-to-date with modern business management advancements, you’ll struggle as your competitors receive more jobs, and take a bigger market share.

Scheduling software does the administrative tasks in order to save you time and make your workflow as efficient as possible. As a result, you and your team can get more work done, service more clients and make more money. 

Most photographer booking software comes with various features like job scheduling, calendars, payment management, and more. However, managing these features manually can quickly become messy and inconvenient. Using different applications for these tasks may solve some convenience problems, but working with multiple pieces of software is not scalable or cost-effective in the long run. Therefore, specialized photographer booking software like fieldd becomes a necessity. A single piece of software that could help you streamline the above-mentioned tasks as well as help your business grow. 

What Software do Real Estate Photographers Currently Use?

To take full advantage of photographer scheduling apps, real estate photographers use several pieces of software that are available in the market. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Ubookr is one of the popular choices among real estate photographers. Ubookr claims to have a complete package of tools that could be useful for a real estate photographer. Ubookr includes cloud-based features like bookings, payments and photo uploading.


Another popular photographer scheduling app option, Viewshoot offers a similar feature set as Ubookr, i.e., online payments, bookings, scheduling, and more.


The FullFrame set of tools is aimed to help photographers manage their business. Features like customizable order packages, configurable order add-ons, and a secure and convenient payment system are their main selling points.


OctopusPro is a mobile photography software solution. Mainly aimed to help solo photographers and photography companies manage their clients and orders, on the go. Other features like managing payments, staff, and customers are also available.

How Will fieldd’s Software Help Real Estate Photographers?

Will all the available choices for dedicated scheduling apps aimed at photographers on the market, why choose fieldd software?

The fieldd scheduling software is built with easy to use automation in order to avoid redundant administrative tasks. Other photographer scheduling apps provide cloud solutions, but with little practical purpose. However, we combine cloud technology with artificial intelligence to dramatically reduce admin tasks, like invoicing and scheduling, while providing an intuitive user experience for you and your clients. As a result, accept jobs faster and complete photography gigs quicker to help you move onto the next client sooner. 

Used around the world, fieldd is positively-reviewed when it comes to providing state-of-the-art scheduling, management and automation software to services like real estate photography. The fieldd platform provides an automated live booking, scheduling and dispatch system. With these tools, your photography business will be able to get more jobs done compared to any of your competitors using inefficient processes.  


Using the latest scheduling and management software is a key factor to the success of any photography business. Scheduling software in the real estate photography industry provides a way to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. However, not all booking platforms are created equal. Some all-in-one solutions fail to simplify administrative tasks, thus making the platform more difficult to use. In comparison, the fieldd software solution automates customer and admin processes to help manage all your staff and jobs efficiently. 

The fieldd real estate photography software is available in 154 Countries, including USA, Canada and Australia.

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