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Before we discuss the differences in real estate photography software let’s see what what features work best for the real estate photography industry.

The image of your business matters, and your software solution is an extension of your image, whichever solution you choose impacts your customer experience. By having an automated photography booking & scheduling software solution you are able to provide a smooth user experience for your customers. A smooth user experience increases positive brand image and you are going to attract more business by word of mouth and recommendations. 

You have services and you need to connect them to your customers. As well as, connecting your services to your customers you also will quickly realise you need to manage these bookings, your contractors and payments. What do you do?

Why do Real Estate Photographers Need Scheduling Software?

You are busy, and your time is spent on the day to day running of your business and less on it’s growth. Real estate photography software gives you back your time to focus on the growth of your business. The software you chose to do this should combine the knowledge of an admin team into a piece of software. Saving you a fortune in employment costs.

Features of a good scheduling software combine tools to reduce admin time and ensure business growth, let’s dive into what these features are below.

What features should I expect from my Software Solution?

1. Online Bookings Software

Classic scheduling solutions generate a quote or pending booking, that manually needs to be confirmed which takes time, and often sends customers elsewhere until they can book instantly.

As a real estate photographer you know that your customers are busy so by allowing them to select a particular photographer or first the available staff member, you will automate scheduling and win more business.

2. Staff Scheduling & Dispatch Software

Google Calendar is often the choice for business when solving their scheduling needs. Unfortunately calendar appointments don’t have logic behind them to avoid double bookings, nor do they allow for travel time.

Implementing a solution that takes a booking and pushes it to the back end automation removes the headache business owners find when previously using google calendar. For example once a job is booked with fieldd, it automatically sends SMS messages and branded emails to your customers providing a seamless experience for your customers. Allowing you to trust your team to perform their roles as the experts, you can focus on your role as manager and no longer need to be on the phone as a scheduler. An enhanced scheduling and dispatch experience matches the professional brand you have built for your business.

3. Point of Sale & Invoicing Software

Flexible payment options are preferred when billing customers for photography shoots. Unfortunately, most payment hardware is expensive and requires regular fees and updates. 

fieldd has re-invented how payments and invoices are handled for photographers with a built in point of sale. Payments are able to be collected at time of booking at the point of sale. 

As payment preferences vary you can control how payments are taken from your crm. Invoices can be created live at the job, up sell items can be added and receipted to your branding.

4. Branded Booking App

Spending years and hundred’s of thousands of dollars on a branded app for your business is out of reach for most business owners. fieldd gives real estate photographer business owners a booking app in the google play and apple app store. Our app is a fully native to your business, perfectly complementing your fieldd profile. Customers are able to book their services through the app, receive special offers, save payment information and view their job history in once place.

 It is the ultimate marketing tool to add to your business branding collateral.

5. Field Service Management Automation

Traditional software solutions are outdated and can impact your service offerings despite your efforts. Most important to your real estate photography business is finding a competitive edge over your competition. You have the expertise, the branding and professionalism. Finding a software solutions to match is as important. 

Emerging out of the field service management industry is the need for automation. fieldd’s software has been designed to automate, behaving as you need for your business. The reduction of reliance of an administration team working behind the scenes cuts your costs and increase profits, allowing you to optimize your business and scale. 

Discover the power of automation for your real estate photography business today.

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