QR Code Sticker -How do I get a QR Code for my Business?

Rightfully QR codes are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and convenient application.
You may have considered putting a QR code on your business card or work van? Many businesses do, leading their customers to their website.
Unfortunately, these QR code stickers open to a request page. Stopping quick the lead process in its tracks.

Until now! Fieldd has released a new feature that finally bridges the gap between consumers and business.

Fieldd’s QR code suite is a way for businesses to lead customers directly to their services and book instantly.

What would a Fieldd QR Code Sticker do for my business?

Imagine, a customer needs to book a service. Your QR code, which you may have mailed them, stuck to an asset, or printed onto a sticker is right there in front of them. Customers scan the code, it remembers the customers’ details (if they have booked with you before), and offers the customer your services with your next available time. They book and you get another scheduled job. Done.
This is what the Fieldd QR suite does.

Benefits include:

– Getting your services into new and recurring customers’ homes
– Providing the easiest way for customers to book your services
– Instant booking
– Branding
– Increases your business stickiness
– The versatility of where a QR code can be used
– An affordable way to advertise

Who could use the fieldd QR Code?

Everyone, whether you want to stick a customer unique code to the back of the HVAC remote, on an air freshener you leave in your clients’ car, or on a welcome pack you give your clients. The applications are endless.

In Summary

Finally, you can connect your services to customers and increase your brands’ stickiness today.
In 2022 consumer ease and convenience is non-negotiable. Being able to schedule their service needs from one scan is just one of the ways we here at fieldd are revolutionizing what it means to offer your services online. 
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Qr Code Sticker

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