Mobile Phones Screen Repair During a Lockdown

Like a number of other tech gadgets, smartphones are made out of fragile materials. Most modern smartphones are glass sandwiches with a metal frame. That’s not the most durable of a combination, is it? Moreover, several new flagship smartphones come with curved screens nowadays. A curved display is even more fragile as it’s more prone to getting shattered during a drop. 

Needless to say, smartphones are fragile and break easily. However, people can’t live without them and is therefore essential for them to get a phone screen repair or other services. Smartphones are only getting more fragile and expensive every year. The cost for phone screen parts are also increasing tremendously. An iPhone’s screen repair cost is the highest among the pack as a cracked iPhone screen is very expensive to fix. 

There are many reasons to scale your mobile phone repair business. That’s why it’s unfortunate to be in a situation where your business is needed the most but you are unable to capitalize. The following is one example where improving your service capacity can help grow your business. If you’re looking to improve your service offerings, learn more and try fieldd for free. 

Amidst the pandemic:

If you’re the owner or manager of a mobile repairing firm, chances are, you’ve seen a lot of broken phone screens. Phone screen repair is one of the most common services that a mobile phone repair companies provide. However, due to the current coronavirus outbreak, your business might have taken a hit due to social distancing. As businesses are allowed to open once again, special safety precautions must be put into place before you start fixing phones again.  

Adding social distancing to your workflow:

If your government has allowed your business to be operational, there are special rules and regulations that are applied to it. Social distancing is one of the key practices to keep in mind. Make sure that you provide phone screen repairs and all others of your services by promoting a safe social distance within your building. Provide safety distant seating to all your customers. Ensure the presence of safety guidelines for the people standing in a line. Overall, you need to ensure minimal physical contact of your employees with the customers.

Interacting with clients remotely:

Another practice to adopt is learning how to interact with clients remotely. Setting up an on-demand at home mobile phone screen repair service will remove the need for clients to come to your physical location. If you don’t have a website booking page for your business, take a look at the booking platform from for a free and easy to use customer facing scheduling page. 

With your own appointment page, you can get client details and chat with them without having to be physically present. You can diagnose their problems by having a live chat and send your phone screen repair technicians to their home to fix their mobile phone.  

Offer the best mobile phone repair services:

If you’re a mobile phone repair company, give your customers the booking system they need and improve the way you do business. We are more than just a calendar app. With fieldd, our appointment software can be set to automatically schedule and dispatch the right staff member for the job. We go a step further than typical booking platforms by including features that help you grow your business. 

From smart-geofencing that optimizes your service area to quality control tools, fieldd helps your team maintain high standards and get more jobs done in a day. The included fieldd staff mobile app allows your team to upsell additional services and perform transactions right on the spot. 

Get started with fieldd for free. No monthly fee and no credit card required. 

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