Pet Grooming as an Essential Service

That little dog you’ve been taming for some months now — needs grooming as well. Dog haircuts could be as important as your own haircuts. You just don’t want your fluffy and cuddly dog to have messed-up hair, do you? 

There’s plenty of debate on whether pet grooming services are an essential service, but most of these debates end up positively in the favour of pet grooming. Moreover, as the coronavirus has struck the world with its heavy hammer, the concern has grown even bigger. You don’t want your pet to get infected at a pet resort while you’re trying to get a new dog haircut for it. 

There are many reasons to grow and scale your pet grooming business. That’s why it’s unfortunate to be in a situation where your business is needed the most but you are unable to capitalize. The following is one example where improving your service capacity can help grow your business. If you’re looking to improve your service offering, learn more and try fieldd for free.  

Running your business with social distancing:

If you’re the owner or manager of a pet resort or a pet grooming center, business might have gone down for you due to the current pandemic. However, if your business has reopened and is operational again, you might want to take some safety measures to ensure the safety of your customers’ pets. 

For one, you must maintain social distancing inside your pet resort. Provide special seating and waiting areas to your customers to maintain a safe distance from each other. Moreover, while providing pet grooming services like dog haircuts, self serve dog wash, dog baths, dog nail cuttings, or others, you want your workers to wear special safety gear. That’d make sure there’s a minimal spread of the coronavirus. 

Which pet grooming services are essential?

If you’re someone with a pet, willing to take it to a pet resort and get it groomed up, you might be wondering what are the essential services that are provided by a pet resort. If you’re a pet resort owner or manager, you might also want to know about these essential services as they’ll let you choose your specifics services during these pandemic times. So, here’s a list of the essential pet grooming services for you:

Dog haircuts:

Whether you’re trying to get a new look for your dog or trying to trim down the long hair that has grown up through the months, dog haircuts are the way to go. Just like your own hair, your dog’s fur also need a trim every now and then to prevent painful matting. 

Self serve dog wash:

If you want to cut some cost and clean-up your dog without needing the help of a groomer, a self serve dog wash station is the way to go. Customers arrive at the self serve dog wash station and get settled with all the equipment, i.e., shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, and anything else they would need, is provided by the groomer.

Dog baths:

If you want that extra detail in your dog’s cleanliness, a dog bath by a groomer is the way to go about it. Arrive at a pet resort and let the pros handle this job.

Dog nail cutting:

Your dog’s nails also need grooming every now and then. Long and irregular nails on your dog’s toes are uncomfortable for your pet. Get them sorted out at a nearby pet grooming station. 

Offer the best pet grooming services

If you’re a pet grooming company and would like to grow your business, fieldd might have the solution for you. We are an easy to use booking platform that is more than just a simple calendar. We can help you improve your service offerings by streamlining your administrative tasks. As a result, you can get more jobs done and increase your service availability in order to make more money. 

Get started with fieldd for free with no monthly fee or credit card required. 

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