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Enhance your software distributor booking solution portfolio

Deliver the ultimate booking management solution

We want to share fieldd with businesses looking for more than just another appointment calendar. As a software distributor, if your clients operate high volume service companies, give them the software that will streamline their operations and help them grow. 

Everything they need to succeed

On-demand service industries are always looking for better ways to schedule and dispatch their staff. We have developed a smart booking system that improves any existing workflow to be more efficient and more profitable.

Improve your solution offerings

Our fieldd platform capabilities will allow you to offer a wide range of interconnecting features that automate business processes to save a company time and money.

Provide your clients with apps

We’re not just a static booking CRM. With fieldd, your clients and their staff get access to admin and service apps in order to better run their entire business. In addition, improve their brand value by offering a client branded customer app. Perfect for customer retention and marketing.

Let's work together

We provide the fieldd platform, hosting, onboarding, ongoing updates and new feature development as well as customer support. With our help, you implement your own marketing strategies and nurture potential clients to get them to choose fieldd.

Interested? Get in touch!

We’ll pay monthly commissions based on enterprise subscriptions for each client you close. This means, you can achieve monthly revenue and not just a one time payout.

To learn more about our fieldd Software Distributor Partner Program, contact us. We can provide you with a demo and get you started.