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Service dispatching seems like a small, easy-to-handle task — but it’s not. Imagine trying to locate all your staff out in the field, finding which one is closest to the new booking and who also happens to be available, without the use of the right mobile service dispatch software? When your business has grown in size and reached a time where it actively gets new bookings from customers, dispatching could become a serious bottleneck. 

That means even if you have the resources to handle more customers at a given moment, you won’t be able to do that due to a limited dispatch process. You won’t be able to allocate resources to your team and send them to the customer’s site on time because you simply don’t have the business oversight

That’s where Fieldd’s mobile service dispatch software comes into play. 

With Fieldd, you get notified about new bookings instantly. Then, better yet, our smart mobile dispatching software will automatically send the service call to the appropriate staff member without you having to do anything for it. The customer gets an instant and engaging booking experience and you, the business owner, could be spending time with you family. Sounds pretty good right? 

24/7 Bookings while you sleep

Long gone are the days of needing an outdated web form that get sent to your email. Through Fieldd, your customers are able to see

  • Who’s available
  • What time they are available
  • How long the job will take
  • If the job requires a quote or has a cost
  • Book your staff at the time that suits them.

Uber, Amazon, Bring, and all those other household tech disrupters, that came along in the last 8 years, have changed the customer experience. We as customers expect the highest level of customer service and convenience that only these sorts of platforms can bring. Before fieldd launched, unless you spent $1-2m on your own mobile service dispatch software, you could not provide an experience like that…until now.

Boost your efficiency to harness long-term success

As said earlier, manual dispatching is a long, tiresome process that could break the backbone of a thriving business. It limits your efficiency, making it impossible to keep up with the rising demand for your services. 

But with Fieldd, you can be as efficient as they come. You can save at least 80% of the time that you would have spent on manual dispatching otherwise. You can spend the saved time on many other, more important tasks that will drive the success of your business.

Plan and dispatch with maximum agility

With Fieldd, you can plan and dispatch with maximum agility. Now, you don’t have to worry about how your staff will respond to the booking and no longer need to rely on just a few people, or a call centre. Fieldd is designed to assign jobs based on availability in both real time and at a later date. It’s not hard work; it’s simply business doing what it needs to do, efficiently. Fieldd offers one of the best mobile phone-based service dispatching software currently available – giving North American service providers an amazing way to manage their bookings on the go, in real time.

For a business to succeed in this fast-paced world, it has to learn to be agile. That means it must be quick to process incoming orders, send teams, provide services, generate invoices, and take payments. If all these tasks are slowed down, the business is destined to lag — and ultimately meet its demise. Remember, it’s the era of fast-paced businesses that know customers want their services quickly. 

2-way communication with your customers

You’ve likely heard the phrase “tell me why you need my services, not how many minutes it will take,” a concept that has been well-known in our industry for years. To provide the highest level of customer service, businesses must-have products and services that are not only fast and accurate; but also vastly efficient.

Customer experience is crucial – it will make or break your business in today’s fast-paced market.

With Fieldd, you never have to miss out on a customer because they thought the response time was too slow or the services weren’t delivered quickly. Avoid unexpected hurdles with intelligent scheduling. Not all customers have the same requirements, and not all services take the same amount of time to provide. But Fieldd knows that. When a service team needs to be dispatched, the system lets you know when it’s time. Furthermore, each job is scheduled in a way that makes it easier for your team to handle multiple tasks in a given period.

Never be late to a service site again

If you’re always late to reach your customers, it doesn’t make a strong brand image. You must make sure you’re always on time. However, if you rely on manual scheduling and dispatching, you most probably won’t be able to dispatch every team on time due to technical limitations.

But with smart mobile dispatching software, you don’t have to be late to a service site ever again. Fieldd automatically does most of the work for you; all you have to do is take the order, prepare the team, and dispatch it.

Future proof your business with the right dispatching software


From there, it’s all about providing the service, creating an invoice, and taking the payment. And Fieldd can help you with that, too! With Fieldd’s automated invoicing feature, each client gets their invoices instantly. With most of your scheduling, dispatching, management, and invoicing work done automatically, you save tons of time which you can spend on more productive stuff.

Automation is the key to the future. We’re not far away from a time where technology will keep working and making money while we humans sleep. Fieldd is your first taste of the future of automation in the service provider industry.

Fieldd is your top-tier best friend when it comes to dispatching. It helps you save tons and tons of time during your active business hours, meaning you never have to work again in off-hours to meet your business’s needs.

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