How To Transform Customer Experience – Online Booking Update

Customers have shifted the way they shop, schedule and pay for services. The shift from traditional service scheduling came to a head with the rise of Uber and the recent pandemic world. The change in customer experience expectations is for the best, however many service companies are left wondering how to transform customer experience within their business.

Here at fieldd we have the tools your service company needs to transform your online booking experience. Excitingly, we have now made them even better!

Transforming Customer Experience

How To Transform Customer Experience
As scheduling services online becomes increasingly anon negotiable for consumers, service providers want to ensure they have the best option for their customers available.

Customers are searching for 4 critical things:

1. Convenience

Having a quote form system for customers to request services does two things, firstly it means your customers are unsettled. They continue to search for a response until they hear from someone. Secondly, they move on. They proceed with their day and respond to the first guaranteed date and time someone can perform their service. But what if you showed your price, date, and time right away? Now that is convenient! Your customers are 94% likely to finish their search there and then. Winning you best experience, and highest conversion rates against competitors who still rely on quote forms. 

2. Speed

Consumers are busy, busier than ever. When a service is required as a society we do not have the time to wait. We look for speed. Having a fast way to book is key selling factor customers look for.

3. Enjoyment

Along with convenience, and speed users want an enjoyable way to view and schedule your services. Providing them with an opulent booking experience will leave your service company rememberable. Due to customers enjoying the fieldd booking experience so much, we offer a share code suite. The customer share code suite unlocks a new network of customers through a friends and family referral code. 

4. Ease of Use

Finally, ease of use. This factor is one of the most important factors in raising your customer experience game. Many service companies overcomplicate their booking process. Some worry about competitors finding out their pricing, whilst others are just unsure about going online. Keep it easy! Fieldd gives you the ability to break down your service structure into fixed-price services, quotes, and pricing lists. Giving customers accurate information about what their service will cost and importantly when it can be done.


Not only does fieldd do the 4 critical things above, now there is an even better way. We are so excited to announce our new Online Booking Page, which we have silently been working on based on consumer feedback and intelligent design to ensure you are providing the top experience on the market.
So if you are wondering, how to transform the customer experience, join fieldd today. Your customers are waiting!
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