How to Stay Out of Another Company’s Towing Area?

The towing industry is one of the most competitive industries around. With tow truck owners and drivers fighting to be the first on scene. With such a competitive industry, how do you know what area is yours and how can you win towing jobs?

Understandably, It is in your best interests to identify your work location. This way, you can cut inefficiencies, longer travel times and annoying your competition. Trust us, they can get very annoyed when you start stealing their jobs!
What if we told you there was software that can help you not only “stay in your lane” but grow, automate and scale your tow truck business?

Firstly, How Can the Right Towing Software Help You?

Sometimes we all need a little help to kick start our business. Firstly, ensuring the software is allowing you to run your towing business is worth its weight in gold. From a one-man business to large companies, software is an important tool to aid your success.

Software can be used to:

  1. Get paid on time
  2. Be more profitable
  3. Automate your dispatch
  4. Increasing your efficiencies
  5. Be mobile with customer and service staff apps
  6. and most importantly, win more jobs!

Quite simply, fieldd is the best way for you to manage your on-demand auto towing & roadside business. With our web and mobile tools, you can do everything from tracking tow jobs to managing customer care. Our easy-to-use tools let you run your business more efficiently than ever before! Which means more paychecks for you. Our focus at fieldd is to give you the tools you need to run your on-demand auto towing business efficiently.

So how can fieldd help you stay in your towing area and provide towing services to clients?

Simple, by the use of territories. fieldd allows you to set specific territories which you operate in. Setting territories ensures your staff are in the right area at the right time for towing jobs.

Depending on your business needs you can edit your territory’s larger or smaller. Allowing you to be available in areas where you are most busy.

In summary, sign up for our free trial today, and see how easy, efficiently and profitably fieldd will make your towing company. All the whilst putting your customer experience first.

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How can the right towing software help you?
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