How To Set Prices For Auto Detailing

If you are looking to set prices for your auto detailing business, there is a good chance you have heard of the pricing debates. Some auto detailers go the cheaper route. Taking more bookings at a lower price, whereas others prefer to make more doing less.  Each route is justified for individual business circumstances and mobile auto detailing objectives. After all, workforce quality, equipment, reputation, and location all play a factor on how you set your prices.


Nailing down how to set prices for auto detailing can be one of the more daunting tasks to take on. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of pricing factors that can help you set your prices. 

What to Consider When Setting Prices For Auto Detailing Services

Location, location, location

Where you set up your mobile auto detailing business will strongly dictate what your prices will be. The simplest way to figure out your price range is by scoping out other mobile detailing businesses around you. For reference, in some locations it may be expected to charge $100 for a full detail, whereas others it may be acceptable to charge over $500. The goal here is to find the average prices in your area, use that as a foundation within your market. You can then focus on providing high-quality service to stand out from the rest.

Types of Services

The next thing you will want to look at is the types of services you want to offer. For instance, are you planning on doing strict exterior work or are you going to offer a higher-tiered set of services with the notion you will work on fewer vehicles but remain profitable? OR are you aiming to do both? Whatever the case may be, figuring out exactly what you want to offer will help you with your competitive pricing analysis . Allowing your to pan out the cost for the tools/equipment you will need to make it happen.

Tip: Knowing that a full mobile detailing service is, on average, between $100 to $300, you can easily make a $90K annual salary by doing (3) auto detailing jobs a day M-F at a price of $120 per job.


 You scoped out your market, your competition, and the types of services you are going to offer. Now it’s time to focus on your overhead needs.

This is the last puzzle piece to set you auto detailing prices. In short, you need to make enough money to keep your services up to par, pay staff and maintain quality product stock. From scheduling, paperwork and reporting are things that take up time in-between client relations that you need to be compensated for. It helps to take account of the time you will spend on overhead tasks by using an hourly rate equation. Mindfully tack on those costs within your services so your $30 an hour salary doesn’t turn into $10 after adding all your working time up!

Summary – Time to Streamline

In summary, auto detailing pricing and trying to find that perfect dollar amount that’s competitive yet profitable can be hard. It takes a lot of research, competitive analysis, and long-term goal aligning to get it right the first time around. The final pricing structure should be enough to enable you to scale quickly and be attractive to draw in new clients. And if you are thinking that this is a lot for one person to take on, you are right; that is why using fieldd’s software to run your business is paramount to reducing over head costs, save time and attract customers.


Overall, with fieldd you not only gain the confidence that your mobile detailing scheduling and customer experience is unbeatable, but you gain back the very thing that you need the most as a mobile car detailing professional – time to focus on growing your business. In the end, you put a lot of work into your business, and you deserve to achieve sustainable success. And the best part about ensuring that success plays out just as you envisioned is as easy as hitting a signup button!

How to set prices for Auto Detailing
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