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How to Run an On-Demand Service Company with Social Distancing

There is no denying it, day-to-day business activities will be different from here on out. But once the lockdowns end, we will essentially be living in a post COVID-19 world. Obviously at some stage business must go on as usual, but how do you do that within lockdown restrictions when you’re running an essential service. How will you prepare yourself for the future landscape of on-demand services?

Today we are going to explore the specific benefits of adopting social distancing through booking automation and scheduling software. A booking platform requires less human management than job management software. On-demand automation software will also allow you to continue to trade and service your customers while staying safe and abiding by local laws and restrictions.

With the COVID-19 crisis forcing businesses to change the way they approach their customer service, there are many industries that need job management software even more than before. Luckily in 2020 there are options for service companies. There are also solutions for small businesses that don’t have a large workforce and need smaller solutions.

However, these solutions need to be able to grow and scale appropriately once business starts to pick up again.

Coronavirus social distancing is now a hot topic and active in most parts of the globe. With governments setting limitations on how close people are allowed to be to each other, how does one conduct an on-demand service-based business while staying safe? Thankfully, due to automation and GPS tracking advancements, service automation software will help you during and post coronavirus.

Top 10 Advantages of Using fieldd Booking Automation Software

  1. Save extra hours previously used on repetitive tasks, and shift these extra staff hours to areas of growth, or reduce workplace costs.
  2. Increase staff and customer satisfaction through efficient and seamless scheduling across any geographical area or city you operate.
  3. Automatically pay your contractors through an automated payroll system.
  4. Become a leader in your chosen industry with an instant “Uber” like customer experience added to your job workflow with live tracking and messaging.
  5. Utilize a custom mobile app without the huge development cost.
  6. Dramatically increase your client conversions by up to 150% by changing your bookings form or phone system to a live online scheduling platform.
  7. Live sync every job to your Xero accounting software to further reduce admin requirements.
  8. Give staff or contractors the freedom to update their schedule as needed via their mobile fieldd app. This ensures all of your jobs are performed on time, and none of your staff are ever double booked.
  9. Job link to payments that can be cashless. Cashless and cardless payments achieve extra social distancing by sending invoices that can be paid by credit card online or bank deposit
  10. Guarantee you are at the forefront of technology in your industry so you can grow your business with proven automation software.

This essential service social distancing blog was based around feedback from our clients in Australia, USA and Canada. We believe that through every challenge, there is an equal opportunity.

Governments have been slow to help small businesses affected by this crisis so if you are a small business, please visit our pricing page and test our complete system. It’s free for 1-2 users, and you’ll join a select group of businesses that can think quickly and adapt to the times.

The fieldd platform is available in 154 countries including Canada, USA and Australia.

Facebook: https://fieldd.me/1b325

Linkedin: https://fieldd.me/105db

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