How To Best Use Gardening Business Software?

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Ok so let’s say you’re a busy gardener, you receive multiple bookings everyday and you have your gardeners out in the field. How do you best manage everything whilst keeping your clients happy? You need to get some gardening business software.

As a gardener, you must learn how to best use garden management software and how to integrate it into your business so that you can maximise your productivity and productivity of your team.

Just to recap, here’s a list of essentials to get your gardening business off the ground:

  • A reliable vehicle to carry all your equipment around in (in the city or country) 
  • A laptop, tablet, and phone with internet connection 
  • Garden management software that is fully customisable for your business model; it should have accounting and CRM capabilities as well as scheduling tools for your staff 
  • And finally, the right accountants! You don’t want to be double paying tax so you’ll need a qualified accountant too that will help file returns on time.

The Benefits of the right Garden Business Software

The benefits of using garden management software are numerous.

You can keep a track of all your appointments and bookings, and this will be available at any time. Also, the software is designed to keep you organised and always on track; it doesn’t matter what your schedule is, you can enter all of your appointments into the software so you don’t miss anything! You can also use it to set up reminders for any house visits or phone calls with clients. And when you add in online payment functionality, it really helps make things easier for your clients too!

The software allows you to send latest appointment details to your clients along with a link to confirm their appointment (online booking). This way there’s no chance of them forgetting about that important house visit or maintenance service they booked.

With the garden management software, you will be able to track your resources and all of their different jobs; this is a must for any business that requires a lot of attention. The database also allows you to keep an eye on your garden activity and budget too!

Another advantage of using the right garden software for your business is that you can create multiple profiles for different members of staff so they can have their own profile set up. This is great because this way you can keep a group of staff separate so they can plan and book appointments individually really helping them out.

Scheduling – This is probably the most important feature to know. Even if you and your team are small, you should still try to get a schedule set up. This will allow you to send messages and text reminders to your staff.

Accounting – Using a spreadsheet for financials is nothing new but it’s something I’ve never seen done before. The advantage here is that it’s something that every gardener would be familiar with.

Marketing – As a small business owner it can be hard to know where your next client is coming from; there are many factors involved in this decision making process, especially if they’re not particular about where they get their flowers from or how they’re used. But the most effective marketing is probably social media.


How Can One Make It Easy For Your Customers To Book Your Services?

In order to make a booking, consumers could firstly, access the official website of your company and follow the instructions given

Secondly, they could also choose to contact you via telephone or email, and thirdly they could find out more about you through social media outlets. As soon as they . find out about your business they would start to contact you. 

As a result of this information, your company’s credibility would boost and so would sales for both you and for the service that was provided by you. Social media is a great way of promoting your business in order for exposure towards your customers.  

There are many online tools that can help with this particular aspect as it allows people to share their experiences with others on social media.

Lastly, you need the right sort of booking system and garden business software that ensures you close the customers. You need a job management system that has all the features such as 

  • scheduling
  • invoicing
  • dispatch
  • quality control
  • payments
  • CRM

to ensure your customers are happy and that the job is completed in the most efficient manner possible.

So if you’re a gardener and you’re looking to optimise your operations, why not try our 7 day free trial and see why 1000’s of gardeners around the world are flocking to fieldd. Psst – Our trial ,It is completely free. No need for credit card! 


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