How successful businesses use job scheduling software- tips from Fieldd’s CEO

Ensuring the success of a business is challenging. Add a looming recession, increasing mortgage rates, job cuts, and you have a harsh climate to manage any business. These factors impact how consumers use business services. In addition, clients are empowered more than ever with online reviews and the demand for instant outcomes… things can get a little tricky for small businesses trying to stay afloat.

To ensure longevity, businesses can work smarter and optimize their processes.

We spoke to Fieldd’s CEO, Harrison, who sees the things both successful and failing businesses do. We asked Harrison to share five things successful business owners do to help them ensure success. These five tips and job scheduling software optimizations are helpful tips to ensure your business’s survival in 2023.

How successful businesses use job scheudling software- tips from Fieldd’s CEO

5 things successful small business’s do:

1) Focus on the 99% scenarios not the 1%

“Do not build your business around rare case scenarios, this will cost you money rather than making you money”. We see business owners worrying about the 1% scenarios and focusing on catering to those, rather than optimizing their daily 99%. Nailing your daily processes and optimizing them leaves more time and space for when a 1% scenario occurs. Allowing you to deal with it quickly and confidently.

2) Stick to your process

Businesses can feel the urge to service every client who comes their way. By doing this you are not following a set process, which can cost you efficiency. Having rules in place, such as the area you serve, saves you time & money and allows you to focus on the clientele who pay the bills repeatedly. In addition, being at peace with the fact that there will always be a few clients who do not want to follow your process will do you wonders. Finally, document the process. It is no use to your team in your head! If your goal is to grow and maintain quality standards, accessible processes will go a long way for your longevity.

3) The power of saying no

You may have heard this before; clients who take up 99% of your time represent 1% of your income. These are the clients to say no to. They drain your time and distract you from your goals. Trust your processes and push back to conserve your efforts. 

4) Overcomplicating service offerings

Clients pay for convenience. Businesses that understand this are the most successful. Focusing on ease and aggregated pricing reduces costly manual tasks. “We often see businesses fail because they try to control each job rather than averaging their pricing structures. Successful businesses know that if they micro-manage their jobs, it halts their ability to scale. Focus on replicable and scalable pricing structures.”                               

5) Importance of client self-service

“This one is simple, 94% of clients want to book online. They will search until they find the first company that has online bookings. If you are messing around with hidden pricing, you are missing out.” Client self-service helps you and your clients be independent. Even for the small 1 person operations, having online bookings reduces phone calls and increases sales. Rather than interrupting your day, or missing phone calls, and ultimately, the business.                                                     

The final and most important thing businesses do...

“Just get started!” Things will never be 100% perfect, and the scenarios you believe to be super important when starting will be trumped with unexpected ones. Having a foundation set to handle those scenarios as they arise is key. Trying to get everything 100% perfect before you start causes many businesses to fail.               

The power of fieldd

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