Car Wash Appointment App

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In 2021 your customers are looking for your services to be the most convenient and efficient as possible. Ensure that your car wash and detailing business is giving your customers what they expect, being a car wash appointment app. Customers want to do everything instantly on their mobile phone without having to inquire or request a service quote.

What Is a Car Wash Appointment App?

An appointment app for your business should allow your customers to make appointments, store payment information, communicate with technicians. As well as, update or cancel their appointments, and offer a marketing incentive to promote your car wash business. A car wash appointment app like fieldd Customer App puts your services in your customers pockets with all the tools they need to have the best and easiest experience. Convenience is what your customers expect in 2021. A lot of car wash and detailing businesses expect their customers to jump from the computer, phone calls, texts, emails to manage appointments. By having a well designed app delivers an experience your customers will never be able to leave.

How Do I Create a Car Wash Appointment App?

Let’s be real, creating a high quality app is a difficult task for most businesses. The time, money and expertise to juggle a car wash & detailing business as well as software development is often not worth the risk. fieldd offers a white label solution.  The white label solution is customizable for business owners, has powerful backend functionality, and provides you all the tools you need to crush it as the best experience in town! Fieldd goes further than just a car wash appointment app, by providing mobile business the entire loop to efficiently operate a mobile business including:
  • Automatic bookings
  • Quality control
  • Contractor payouts
  • Customer discounts
  • Staff tracking
  • Job communication
  • Push marketing
  • Touch less payments,
  • Staff mobile service app
  • Plus 1000 more features included in all plans!
By using a fully customizable appointment app you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. Positioning your car wash and detailing business as the go to service provider with the best experience going.

Why choose fieldd’s White Labeled Appointment App.

Simple, it’s quick, it’s affordable and it’s incredibly powerful. fieldd was developed to solve specific problems for mobile service businesses allowing them to automate. By giving their customers the opportunity to book your services directly from their pocket. So, if you’re thinking about an app it would be beneficial for you to try our free trial and see just how easily we can automate and scale your business.
Car wash appointment app
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