Field Service App

Before we dive into the benefits of the app, let us discuss and break down exactly what field service is.

A definition –

“An industry in which workers go to the location of customers. Services can include installing, repairing, or upgrading equipment or software.”
Today’s world demands rapid time cutoff and accuracy in delivering the services. Companies need to perform services with high productivity to achieve better profits. So before you start this business you should be well informed about it.

One of the most important things for any field service business is to get the right field service app.

Things to look out for when looking for a good app solution.

They must be affordable, easy to use and they must include features such as

  • GPS location services,
  • mobile point of sales,
  • communications
  • and ideally, be available on both iOS and Android.

You’d want to make sure that the field service software you use is compatible with Android. For example, Servicem8 is only available on iOS and would require a costly change over for you to have access to it.

Why is the fieldd the best option for your mobile business?

  1. Apart from being available on both iOS and Android, fieldd is the only service software that can create your own branded app for your workers and customers. Apart from having all the features that come with smart service management, fieldd is the only platform that1. Can automatically schedule your staff from a engaging online booking portal
    2. Automatically pay your contractors
    3. Give a world class experience to your customers AND staff
    4. Be completely scalable with an easy cost per job pricing tier model.The field service companies that are using fieldd, are having fast time to market, smooth onboarding processes, saving of what they would otherwise pay on the other platforms . It uses its proprietary technology to aggregate transactions across payments, invoicing and job scheduling with the support of your back office software.

So, if you’re a mobile service company needing the best field service app for android and/or iOS, then look no further than fieldd.

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