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The average staff member loses five hours a week to ‘unproductive time’ – that’s 35 working days lost every year.

Break your businesses out of unproductive time loss, and explore a better way of running your business with industry leading features unique to fieldd.

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iPhone X Push Notification

Customize Everything

Display your service company logo for your employees, staff and contractors to view every time they log in.

Brand every push notification with your company name to personalize the mobile app experience for your workforce.

Brand their mobile app service screen with your company colors and display your services.

All updates can be made from your fieldd CRM dashboard, and are pushed live to your staff apps instantly. Our app is available on both iOS and Android. 

Brand the online scheduling experience for your clients and office managers with your company logo, colors, URL and services.

Online scheduling design can easily be edited live in your fieldd CRM dashboard.

Brand the customer experience even further with a custom website domain URL by directing clients to a secure sub-domain of your website, not ours. e.g. book.yourcompany.com not yourcompany.fieldd.co. This highly advanced URL feature was inspired by Shopify, and  is available with a couple clicks in your fieldd CRM dashboard.

Brand every email sent from our platform with your company name and reply email address.

Emails to staff and clients including, invoices, receipts, new staff, forgotten app passwords, are all branded with your company colors, logos and details. 

For increased email delivery rates, fieldd uses a dedicated IP address, properly authenticated email protocols, and scores a high 9.3/10 for email spam avoidance.

Enhance your brand image with professional, branded SMS messages. 

Every SMS sent to your clients will automatically contain service details such as job info, job ETA and the job address. SMS messages will also be branded with your staff members name,  your company name, and contain a short link to reply and live track the service call.

This branded SMS feature is available as soon as your fieldd account is active, can be fully customized, and switched on or off.

Enhance your brand image with a professional, branded URL instead of a generic booking page URL.

Instead of sending your customers to a domain like gettimely.com/yourcompany123.

Now you can send your customers to a sub-domain of your website such as book.yourcompany.com by quickly setting it up from your fieldd CRM.

Job Schedule App

New Service Calls

Field service management software typically requires skilled office managers to convert online quote requests into work orders, before they dispatch these service calls to employees.

With fieldd, our drag and drop field service designer allows you to dynamically create a workflow of your services with ease.

Visualize how your customers will discover your services when booking online, and set a range of service variables based on technician skill levels and time to complete each service.

The live availability of each technician based on their geofence, skill level and calendar is then synced in real-time to an online calendar. It’s now easy for clients to book and it also takes the guesswork out when your admin staff are taking phone bookings or processing work orders.  This enhanced workflow reduces your office admin by up to 80%.

Manual job dispatch is achieved via our dispatch board. An easy to view team overview displays staff availability and live locations. Office admin can manually enter a job, then allocate them later once all jobs are entered or, find the next available employee and allocated the jobs as they are entered.

This manual job dispatch feature automatically pulls important data from your services such as total time required, technician skill and service price, allowing you to quickly dispatch using these parameters or override them when required.

Our fieldd service management software quickly white labels and styles your services, company colors and logo, then creates an online scheduling page on your company’s website.

Reduce data entry errors when manually entering service calls into dispatch software, by giving your office managers an easy to use online booking webpage.

By upgrading your customer quote request form to live online scheduling, you’ll instantly see a 180%+ increase in client conversions.

Our business management software is suited for companies such as emergency towing, locksmiths, HVAC, plumbers and more. It’s also ideal for any service company that requires live location based alerts and client job requests, the same way Uber alerts and schedules their taxi drivers.

Your workforce simply sets their service radius, then they will receive on-demand alerts that they can accept, reject or ignore. Office admin also has access to a live dispatch board where they can drag and drop on-demand jobs into a staff member’s schedule.

Office admin can also see requested jobs clearly plotted on a map and in a live feed that highlights the closest staff member, allowing them to efficiently dispatch staff to these on-demand jobs.

Reduce workforce downtime, and increase profits by efficiently scheduling more service calls. Our field service management software features a hyper-efficient service call time generator, allowing your management team to set custom start, finish, and lunch time variables.

When used with our geofence zone maps, it heavily reduces unpaid downtime from commuting between jobs and inefficient technician route overlap.

This scheduling software feature is perfect for small on-demand service companies to large and enterprise businesses looking for a complete dispatch software solution.

mobile point of sale

Service Call Payments

Performing mobile payments in the field can be time-consuming and often end up lost in accounts receivable.

Our fieldd Point of Sale (POS) has a unique workflow that almost eliminates the above by linking each service call to a payment via cash, credit card, gift voucher or invoice. Extra services can also be quickly added to the invoice with one tap. As a result, data entry error is eliminated due to pricing being synced live from your master pricing list. 

Once the payment is complete, customizable and branded tax receipts are sent automatically to your customers, making accounting easier.

Refunds can be issued from your admin dashboard, along with extra receipts and invoices.

Traditional field management software make it hard to take payments on the job by requiring a separate POS system in order to invoice a job.

fieldd integrates with popular payment processing gateways.

Accept cash and card, as well as send invoices directly to your customers with branded emails, all from within one workflow that marks the job as “Paid” or “Invoiced” in the fieldd CRM.

Use fieldd Pay (AU only) to accept Credit Cards, or use your own Stripe, Checkout.com or Pin Payments Account to take card payments directly from the fieldd POS.

Send invoices and quotes with ease through our Mobile Staff App. 

Invoices are issued a unique number, then sent to clients via email where they can be securely paid online by credit card or bank deposit. Invoices can also be configured to be sent to your accounting department instead of clients where they will then send an invoice from external accounting software. 

Your office admin dashboard allows you to set invoice due dates, overdue reminders, and track the active status of each invoice. Once paid, a receipt is sent to the client, email alerts are sent to admin, and the invoice is automatically marked as paid.

Every quote sent to a customer contains a unique link allowing them to book the quote online that will pre-fill their quote, address and details before picking the first available time to complete the job. This will also convert the status of the original Quote to “Quote Won” in the fieldd CRM.

Product sales can quickly increase your bottom line, but keeping a live inventory can be time-consuming and staff often incorrectly bill products when they’re in a rush on the field.

With fieldd, all of your products and services are searchable and sorted into categories with easy to view names, prices and photos. Your pricing is set via your master pricing list and new products or pricing can be updated instantly.

Custom items and prices can also be added to an invoice at anytime. If you have Xero Accounting Sync on, it will sync your products back and forth automatically. 

Creating company discounts and promotions, or loyalty benefits and agreements has never been easier.

Discounts are created in the fieldd CRM where you can set unique promo codes, descriptions and dollar values. Number of redeemable codes, number of uses, and percent or price variables can be set for every promotional code.

When a job is booked via your Online Booking Page, customers can add their discount or gift voucher code which will carry through and reflect once the job is completed in the Point of Sale.

These discounts can also be manually added from the fieldd CRM on any job, and from the POS if it wasn’t added at the time of booking the service.

Active Field Service Calls

With fieldd, depending on the service your company provides, you can require your staff to take a set number of quality control photos during arrival and/or when the job is complete.

When your technicians are completing jobs, their fieldd Staff App will prompt them to upload photos before they proceed to the next step ensuring these photos are always taken. An admin manager can review a live photostream and see when each photo was taken.

Generally, most service companies need to monitor the performance of each employee, and inspections are costly and time-consuming. But with fieldd, our quality assurance tools reduce on-site visits, and in-person technician checks by up to 95% as it clearly highlights your best and worst performing employees without having to leave the office. As a result, you only need to manage the lower ranked employees, instead of constantly managing your entire workforce.

With fieldd, set unique quality control checklist for each of your services, during arrival and/or job completion. Service companies use these checklists for safety protocols and service step that are often forgotten. 

Quality control checklists are completed directly in the fieldd Staff App, ensuring no checklist is ever missed. This data is time stamped when completed and viewable from your office admin CRM dashboard.  

These built-in QA tools help companies adhere to safety requirements from regulatory bodies such as OSH, OSHA and WHS.

fieldd includes a built-in internal rating and feedback system for every job completed to ensure your staff delivers the highest level of customer service possible.  A branded feedback form link is sent in the customer email receipt, and it is automatically shown via their job tracking screen.

Your office admin dashboard shows the customer ratings of each service call, and calculates the average rating of each employee or contractor. Should a low rating occur, an email is automatically sent to your company email so the client can promptly be followed up with in order to minimize bad reviews, and fix any issues quickly. 

This rating system means you you only need to focus on the bottom 10% of your mobile workforce, instead of manually checking 100% of your workforce, making your quality control efforts 10x more efficient.

Filing paperwork on the job site is time-consuming and often results in data entry errors when these forms are entered digitally after the job.  

fieldd Forms is a revolutionary new product that allows your company to fully customize and design a digital form. One, or multiple forms are attached to specific services, then technicians are able to fill these forms in the fieldd Staff App.

You can create custom forms in order to request important information required to complete the job. Once responses are saved within the Staff App, it is compiled into a pixel perfect branded form for each job.

These forms are then available for export via PDF and email. A database of completed forms can be accessed anytime via the fieldd CRM.

Employee time is the most important metric when managing a mobile service company. Now you can take the guesswork and hearsay out by GPS tracking every job and employee in real-time.

Manually contacting every client after each service call to ensure they are satisfied can be difficult and time-consuming. However, ensuring your clients are happy is a critical part of your business and client satisfaction can be safeguarded with GPS & time tracking.

Real-time data of your entire mobile workforce is sent from their Staff App, directly to your online fieldd CRM dashboard. Track your entire fleet on one dashboard or view individual staff member whereabouts. Technician ETAs, arrival and completion times, along with a number of other important metrics are all coded for high accuracy, making employee time tracking a breeze.

Uber Style Features

Introducing your customers to a native app experience will add value to your brand, increases their lifetime value, and increases the rate of repeat business.

Your Mobile Customer App is branded with your company colors and logo throughout, and can be customized at anytime, live from your fieldd CRM. Your Customer App also live syncs your services, pricing, service availability, and products from your fieldd admin dashboard.

Having your own Customer App reduces your marketing costs by allowing you to acquire more customer data. When clients log in but don’t book a service, you still collect their contact details. The average website only retains 5% of the visitors contact details, and only when they book a service. Free push notifications can be sent directly to all your customers who downloaded your app, whether they have booked a service or not.

Providing a Customer App simplifies payments, reduces last minute cancellations, and increases brand identity. When a job is complete and it’s time for payment, your customers can save their credit card details in their app for fast and easy payment processing. 

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*2 Week Delivery on all Customer Apps*

Amazon and Uber have defined the ultimate customer ordering, delivery, and tracking experience. This makes it hard for any service company to meet high customer expectations.

Our fieldd service management software sends branded SMS messages containing a link for your customers to view and live track their service call. Each service call is branded with your company colors and logo in a mobile app like experience.

Our live job tracking reduces your daily office workload and also increases your customer retention rate by providing a world class customer experience.

Protect the brand image of your service company and avoid customer complaints by securely managing sensitive client data being shared with your staff and customers.

fieldd gives your company the option to allow customers and staff to message each other via secure SMS and online chat where neither phone numbers are displayed. 

These messages are delivered in real-time and can also be monitored for quality control purposes from the fieldd CRM. *Secured Calling coming Q1 2021*

Protect the brand image of your service company and avoid customer complaints by ensuring your mobile staff communicate professionally at all times.

With fieldd, set customizable canned responses to maintain a professional tone when communicating with customers. When clients reply to their SMS messages, live push notifications are sent to staff, ensuring important messages reach your employees quickly in their fieldd Staff App.

Your office managers can also monitor and message each job thread via their fieldd CRM on their desktop computer or mobile device.

After a job well done, allow your customers to tip your service staff directly from the fieldd Staff App. 

Set custom tip percentages or let customers tip any amount they want. 

Tips and associated fees are calculated automatically and paid out to staff on a weekly basis. 

This feature can be disabled if tipping is not part of your business model. 

*Coming Soon*


Field Service App

Field Staff Management

Most companies spend years of research and development to create an effective field staff management system in order to optimize their business. 

With fieldd, our Mobile Staff App is packed with powerful features that improves workflow and job efficiency, while being simple enough for any employee or staff member to use effortlessly. 

Our Mobile Staff App syncs staff availability  with your service offerings while providing live tracking and instant push notification alerts to employees and admin staff. 

The working day becomes inefficient when critical service call tasks are missed. 

Work order notes, client and office manager messages, service call details, payment details, job tracking, and ETA updates are now combined into an intuitive in-app workflow.

Our fieldd service management software saves your technicians and office managers time, as well as reduces costly errors on the job by ensuring your services are delivered consistently by having all the information at your technicians fingertips.

Sending a plumber to an electricians job is an issue. Ensuring your staff provide accurate quotes and your install crew handle the service calls is essential. 

fieldd allows you to specify which services your staff can perform. When booking your services, fieldd will automatically select the correct staff member for the job, and suggest a time from their calendar.

Once a job is complete, the details are logged in your CRM per client so you can keep track of which staff have been out to which job. This gives you an accurate overview of your workforce and how your staff are performing.

All this happens automatically. Simply onboard your staff in the fieldd CRM and they will be good to go.

Dispatch software requires an office manager with local knowledge. For example, if one staff member lives on the northside of town, and another lives to the south, they will only be sent to their respective areas.

With fieldd, our Smart-Geofencing creates unique service zones on a map allowing you to optimize and automate staff dispatch. These Geofences automatically minimize unpaid travel time, and maximizes daily service appointment availability.

Looking to expand your business operations?  In a few minutes, you can create live service zone in a new city or state. Our platform scales with your growing business by allowing you to easily manage multiple cities and time zones.

Job schedules change hourly due to service call delays, employee time off, and extra client requests. 

With our fieldd Staff App you can minimize double bookings and job cancellations by allowing your mobile workforce to set normal working hours on their mobile app, then tailor their schedules on-the-fly when there is a surge in service requests.

These staff calendar updates are also time tracked, and can be updated from your office admin dashboard.

After Sale Service

Service calls generate data that help your business understand how to deliver a consistent service to your customers and provide a high level of customer service.

Our fieldd service management software schedules and dispatches your workforce, as well as stores information from multiple data points in your online CRM. As a result, you get a better insight into what your customers need. 

Ever wondered what happened to that service call you were “guaranteed” to receive? Do you know if your marketing campaign to attract new customers was effective? With fieldd, you can better understand customer behavior through insights into attempted and cancelled service calls.

To optimize your service operations, your management team has 24/7 online CRM access on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Securing new clients is the hardest part of your business cycle. However, it is easier to convert existing clients into recurring customers.  Unfortunately, 90% of businesses focus on acquiring new clients, instead of nurturing existing ones.

Often this is due to conventional marketing methods being very time-consuming as it requires you to develop content, create email and SMS lists, and manually maintain a regular marketing cycle. This feature is critical as it continues the sales loop instead of allowing potential sales fall through the cracks.

fieldd has developed a simple, yet highly effective set of automatic marketing outreach campaigns based on the lifecycle and behavior of your client that can be adjusted to suit your service company. Once configured, the fieldd marketing suite automatically works with your CRM and mobile apps for maximum client engagement with minimal administration. With fieldd, your own in-house marketing engine runs itself.

*Feature available in Q1 2021*

Gift Vouchers are a great marketing tool to increase sales and spread your brand name. 30% of gift vouchers are never redeemed before they expire. This is why they are a great and inexpensive addition to any service business marketing. 

With fieldd, you can sell gift vouchers and create unique codes directly from the fieldd CRM for your customers to redeem when booking online or in-person when your staff are billing your customers from their fieldd Point of Sale.

New Feature available Q1 2021: Gift Vouchers will be available for sale directly from a custom domain URL that will auto-generate a unique promo code, expiry date, and email a PDF gift voucher directly to your customers.

Nurturing new leads and prospecting to generate new clients is a daily job to ensure your business doesn’t start to slow down. This function of your business is critical as it starts the sales loop, but it’s often a time-consuming endeavor. Usually requires managing different CRMs and spreadsheets which can lead to data entry errors and lost leads.

With fieldd, we complete the sales loop by adding leads and prospecting management tools. Before clients enter your sales cycle, you can add a new lead in your fieldd CRM dashboard, add a monetary value, and move it along your lead funnel as you transform a lead into a paying client.

If a customer requests a quote online, or your staff provides a quotes using their fieldd Staff App, it will automatically be added to the sales funnel on your lead board.

Loyalty programs and subscriptions are a great way to increase your regular income by encouraging your customers join for exclusive promos and additional perks. 

Our membership billing and discount feature automatically bills your members on a regular cycle. As a member, they unlock special discounts on their client profile. These discounts can be set unique to each service. They can be instantly applied when the system identifies that the client trying to book has a membership with your service company.

Some service software platforms refer to this feature as “Agreements”. The fieldd Staff App can handle the agreement billing, scheduling and dispatch process automatically from start to finish.

free online calendar tool

Company Financial Management

Work orders require staff scheduling and dispatch. Completed work orders require mobile payments. Mobile payments require verification that they have been billed to the work order correctly. Independent contractors require individual payments and sale summaries.

Our fieldd service automation combines scheduling and payments into an organized workflow with a clear daily list which indicates when any payments are outstanding. This reduces office manager tasks as much as 80%.

Xero Accounting and QuickBooks are popular accounting software used by thousands of businesses worldwide to automatically report on your business financials and tax obligations.

fieldd is a featured app on the Xero platform allowing you to accurately sync your entire business operations with Xero in a couple clicks. Every cash, card and invoice that is processed will live sync with Xero. Xero will also sync your fieldd contacts, products and live syncs any paid invoices either externally on Xero, or locally on fieldd.

Your itemized business transactions are available in Xero including the fieldd platform fee for each transaction, reducing your annual accounting costs and audit liability.

Contractor payroll for services performed on behalf of your company can be extremely time-consuming and often end up in large overdue invoices and lost income when accounting for every job performed.

With fieldd, you set the commission percentage split you pay your contractors. Our system calculates a live balance owed to each contractor, then automatically processes weekly payroll, depositing funds direct into their bank accounts. Full itemized weekly emails are sent to each contractor, and they can also view their live balance and weekly work history from their fieldd Staff App.

A full contractor job history is available anytime in your fieldd CRM dashboard, where you can also manage any deductions against their services performed, carry forward any owing balances to you, and stop any automatic payments. 

This payroll system has been optimized for contractors and franchisee payroll.

Understanding your financial well-being for the day, week, month and year can be hard to track and sometimes result in disappointing business finances. 

With fieldd, you can view real-time data of the exact income your service business is generating. This data can be broken down to a staff and job level to easily track extra products sold and discounts applied to your services.

A live available payout balance shows what will be paid to your company bank account every Thursday, based on a weekly Mon – Sun pay cycle.* (AU fieldd Pay Only)

Analyzing the performance of your service company can unlock extra income and highlight delivery bottlenecks for improvement.

However, when using a range of business software and tools, accurate reports are hard to generate as the software generally doesn’t talk to each other. 

With fieldd, we have 50+ datasets at your fingertips that are ready to be exported and analyzed by your team. Analytics from the highest ranked staff member to the average travel time to your service calls are available.

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