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Pick Up & Drop Off Functions

Sometimes field services aren’t performed solely at the clients location, and they require an extra pricing variable.

This pickup and drop off software feature was designed for vehicle towing, taxis, delivery, and scooter hire companies that need to add an extra charge on to the service call for travel distance, travel time and/or toll road charges. 

Our pickup and drop off software has been optimised with Google to factor in two variable pickup and drop off locations or, fixed sites such as towing yards or delivery depots.

Crew Scheduling

Service Crew Scheduling becomes a time consuming process where your office manager needs to remember how many staff are required for each service, and who will be the foreman on the job.

With our service crew scheduling feature, you set how many staff are required per service, then promote staff to foreman status in their company profile. Now, when crews are required for a specific service, the system automatically calculates the required service time, how many staff are required, and only displays which staff are available for that required time frame. 

Your client can still live track and receive foreman job status updates as the foreman will be responsible for job billing and communication. The current job status of the support crew can be individually tracked in the field admin dashboard, and should any of the support crew call in sick, their roles can be re-assigned to other staff.

Memberships & Re-Occuring Jobs

Membership billing and discounts increases your regular income, and it encourages your members to stay loyal to your brand.

Our membership billing and discount feature auto bills your members on a regular cycle, and unlocks special discounts against their client profile.  These discounts can be set unique to each service, and are automatically applied when the system identifies that the client trying to book has a membership with your service company.

Some field service platforms refer to this feature as Agreements. Fieldd can handle the agreement billing, scheduling and dispatch process automatically from start to finish.


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