Document Destruction Software – How to best schedule the routes?

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Document destruction software is designed for companies that need to shred amounts of paper on a regular basis. It helps create efficient routes, prevents errors in the process, and manages compliance efforts by following industry standards.

What Are The Benefits of Document Destruction Software?

With document destruction software, you’ll be able to create an efficient work schedule. This ensures better takes on routes and reduces break times or time wasted driving around waiting for jobs.
It’s also important that your drivers know where they’re going and how to get there. When drivers have clear jobs for the day it improves driver morale and performance.
Document destruction software also reduces the risk of lost or damaged documents. It can also help you to collect metrics data, helping you to see which routes are working and which ones need some adjustments.

Drivers appreciate a well-organized route that is efficient, with a load of a manageable size – they’ll feel more confident and deliver better customer service as a result. Don’t forget that drivers have to collect shredding bins from off-site locations as well, so any time saved is going to be appreciated.

Route Optimization Software - How can it help?

Finding the best route optimization software is a great way to get a more accurate view of your document destruction needs. It can also help you to save money on gas, break times and the cost of hiring new drivers.
When it comes time for a scheduled shredding day, an office will often be left with piles of paperwork that has accumulated over time. In some cases, the shredding company might drop off several large boxes, which add up aggressively over time.

Document Destruction Software - What should I look for?

If you’re looking for a document destruction software package, there are three things to take into consideration. They are:
Price : price can be a factor when it comes to choosing the best route planning program. But if you look closely, you’ll find that in many cases, a basic GPS app is actually more expensive than a high-end field service management platform such as fieldd. If you choose your routes in advance and automate them with FSM, then this extra cost will be negligible.

In any case, always compare prices from various vendors before making any choice . There are countless companies selling similar products and different variants within that category can be quite different in price.

What are the features in a field service management platform like fieldd?

Fieldd is a unique field service software system that is designed to automate service based companies of all sizes. Fieldd offers branded apps, crm features, automatic invoicing, automatic job scheduling and bookings, customer service, mapping, job management and much much more. Our product is highly focused on the needs of field service organizations. We are constantly updating our platform to increase the functionality, value and overall power so you can focus on growing your business.

Why not try it for your self before you buy with our simple, 7 day free trial with NO credit card required? See just how easy fieldd can optimize your document shredding routes and get your business running efficiently, profitable and streamlined.

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