Customer Support Outsourcing – Should You Be Doing It?

With many programs advocating customer support outsourcing, it is crucial to determine if this is an avenue you should invest in or if it is masking the true problem.
As a business owner, you understand that a surge in support requests can significantly impact your daily operations and hinder your ability to focus on core business activities. This begs the question: Is outsourcing support the ultimate solution? 

Customer Support Outsourcing

Customer Support Outsourcing - Is It Worth It?

One of the first considerations is the financial impact of hiring additional support. Whether you opt for outsourced help overseas or within the USA, bringing in external resources adds to your monthly overhead costs. It’s also important to acknowledge the potential dilution of delegation that occurs with each new hire. As you expand your team, the meticulous attention to detail you once maintained for your business may diminish, leading to a different set of challenges in the future.

Instead of solely relying on traditional staffing solutions, it’s worth exploring smarter alternatives that can significantly reduce customer inquiries. Embracing automation software presents an opportunity to streamline operations and minimize the need for extensive customer support. The cost of implementing such software is a mere fraction (approximately 98% less) compared to hiring new staff members.

By leveraging automation, you can revolutionize your customer support approach while optimizing your financial resources.

Understanding What is Causing The Influx in Customer Support Requests

To improve customer support, it is crucial to identify the root cause. Many businesses throw money at the end problem without taking the time to track down the underlying issues. One simple yet effective step is to write down your customer interactions for a week. By doing so, you can identify any trends or patterns. Once you understand why your customers are reaching out, you can then work backward to address the root causes.
For example, if customers call to ask when your next appointment is. Research into an Online Booking tool that gives customers the next available dates & times from a few clicks. Solutions like Fieldd removes the need to call or text looking for appointments.
Understanding why the customers are calling and then putting automation measures in place to resolve the problem are going to give you back time in your day.

Empower Your Customers

In the quest for exceptional customer support, business owners may harbor reservations about empowering their customers. Fearing a loss of control. However, relinquishing some power can surprisingly yield favorable outcomes. If you find yourself caught in the trap of micro-managing the customer experience, it becomes crucial to pinpoint the root cause of your distrust. Take a moment to reflect on past experiences—for instance, instances where your previous system claimed to send emails to customers but failed to do so, resulting in disgruntled and dissatisfied customers.

By acknowledging these challenges, you open the door to a transformative solution. Automation software like Fieldd provides a comprehensive overview of all SMS, email, and push notifications sent to your customers. It eliminates the need for staff members to manually send messages for each job, streamlining your operations and ensuring consistent and reliable communication with your customers.

By adopting automation measures, you regain confidence in the customer experience and empower your customers with transparency and timely updates. 

Using Fieldd's Features to Address Customer Support Challenges

Fieldd provides a range of features that can help resolve the challenges associated with customer support outsourcing and improve your business operations:

  1. Self-Service Capabilities: Fieldd’s customer portal and mobile app allow customers to have control over their appointments, bookings, and service requests. By offering self-service options, you empower your customers and reduce the need for them to reach out for support.

  2. Proactive Communication: Fieldd’s automated notifications and real-time updates keep your customers informed throughout the service process. By providing timely updates, you can minimize the number of support calls related to status inquiries.

  3. Service Quality Assurance: With Fieldd’s service management capabilities, you can monitor and track the quality of your services. By consistently delivering on your promises, you can reduce customer concerns and the need for clarification calls.

  4. Streamlined Service Offerings: Fieldd’s customizable service catalog helps you present your services clearly and concisely. By eliminating confusion in your offerings, you can guide customers to make informed decisions and minimize calls seeking guidance.


Customer support outsourcing may seem like an appealing option to regain time in your day, but it comes with its own costs and challenges. Instead of outsourcing, consider leveraging Fieldd’s powerful features to optimize and automate your daily operations. By providing self-service capabilities, proactive communication, service quality assurance, and streamlined service offerings, Fieldd can help reduce the influx of customer support calls and improve your overall business performance. Remember, it’s essential to address the root causes of customer support needs and continuously evaluate and improve your customer service strategy.


Incorporate Fieldd’s features into your business and embrace a more efficient and customer-centric approach to customer support.

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