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Redefine your customer experience

Companies like Amazon and Uber have created the ultimate customer ordering, delivery, and tracking experience. As a result, customers have higher expectations from the service companies they choose to do business with. 

Therefore, we have designed our fieldd customer management software with your clients in mind. Features such as branded SMS messages containing a link for your customers to view and live track their service call for constant connectivity. The entire user experience is seamless and branded with your company colors and logo in a mobile app experience.

Our various quality of life features provide a world class customer experience while reducing your daily office workload. This intuitive ecosystem will encourage repeat customers to use your business services, making you more money.

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Secured messaging

Protect the brand image of your service company and avoid customer complaints by ensuring your mobile staff communicate professionally at all times.

Our fieldd customer management software guides your workers to communicate professionally on their fieldd service app with customizable canned responses. When clients reply to their SMS messages, live push notifications to staff are sent, ensuring important messages reach your employees quickly in their fieldd service app.

Your office managers can also monitor and message each job thread via their fieldd service management dashboard on their desktop computer or mobile devices.

Quality control

When your technicians are completing jobs on their fieldd service app, they can be required to upload quality assurance photos before proceeding. A live office admin can review each photo for job verification and liability purposes.

Enable quality control checklists in the fieldd service app to ensure no job item is ever missed. This data is time stamped when completed and viewable from your office admin dashboard.

Our fieldd service software has a built-in internal rating and feedback system for every job completed to ensure you deliver the highest level of customer service possible. A branded feedback form link is sent in the email receipt, and it is automatically shown via their job tracking screen. If a staff member receives a low rating, an alert email is sent to admin staff for review purposes. 

A white-label customer experience booster!

Our customer experience features are completely customizable and branded to suit your business. Give your customer a world class experience at no extra cost and become a leader in your industry. 

"Uber" Like Experience

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Connect some or all of our features. Our services are priced at a per job rate. Only pay when you actually use fieldd. We are designed to grow with your company.

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