Custom App Development – What alternatives do you have?

In 2022 service companies are expected to compete with software-powered giants. For a service company to compete with market giants like Uber and Amazon often custom app development is sought out.

Unfortunately, for small businesses, the road to custom app development is a bumpy one. 

Here at fieldd we believe that all businesses should have the tools required to offer a competitive customer experience. We also believe that service companies should not have to become software companies.

Below we have written the top 5 things to watch out for when contemplating custom app development, and what alternatives you have available.

Custom App Development

1. Intellectual Property (IP)

You have worked hard to map out how you want your app to work. Your years of experience has shaped the functions you know are critical for your industry. You have found a development team who have experience creating small business applications. The rate seems reasonable, and you are excited. All sounds great!

Consider where you are sending your IP. When shipping your development off-site, consider the risk of your IP being stolen or shared with a competitor. If you’re concerned that a programmer may also be working with your competitors, putting your confidential information at risk, ask your freelancer platform how they mitigate this problem.

Unfortunately, when your IP is not in-house, there is always a risk.

2. Cost Expectations

How much does it actually cost to build an app? Whatever you believe your cost to be, be prepared for things to take double the length of time. Cost can fluctuate based on project size, where the software is developed, the scope of work as well as project length. Software engineer hourly rates can start anywhere from $300 p/h – $850 p/h. We suggest being prepared for ongoing salaries once the initial build is completed.

Also, ensure you have a budget to a project manager to check in daily to ensure the project stays on task and within budget. If this is going to be you, do you have the time to dedicate to the project?

3. Time Frame

Development takes time. First, you need to design the project, map out functionality, start the build, then polish the UI. Then testing needs to happen. During the testing process, use cases can open up further development needs, along with fixing bugs and poor UX. Be prepared that it will take time to get perfect before you go live.

4. Customer Burn

If you are developing your software while you have live customers be aware of customer burn. Firstly, if you promise an app by a specific date, be careful to stick to this launch date; customers can become unforgiving quickly. Secondly, once an app is live, whether in beta or not, most of your customers will jump into the new solution. If, however, the app is unstable, has bugs, or lacks key functionality you may do more harm than good.

5. Maintenance

Consider once the app is built, who is going to maintain it? A portion of custom software development that businesses do not factor in is the maintenance cost and process. What will happen if your app stops working at 9 am, but your development team is asleep overseas? Who will quickly jump online and fix it if the server goes down? Another consideration is Apple and Google updates. Once an app is built, regular updates are required to stay compliant in the Apple and Google stores.

We know the above seems a little overwhelming, especially when you are a small business with limited resources to spare. Thankfully, fieldd is here.
We understand the above, we once started out as a service company and are now a software company that provides a turn-key solution for service companies.

What alternatives do you have?

Fieldd offers a turn-key branded app solution. Within two weeks, your business will have a branded app within your app store accounts. We take care of the development, new feature development, and maintenance of your app so you can focus on your business.

Proudly, fieldd’s branded apps are the only turn-key app solution on the market. So before you explore the custom app development route, first check out fieldd. 

Using fieldd provides you access to all of our industry-leading features and feature updates. Positioning you as a competitor to the likes of Amazon and Uber, providing the easiest and most convenient experience on the market.

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