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Counting payments, managing contractors, and chasing invoices is a time-consuming and expensive process. Using independent contractors, while necessary in certain industries, only complicates matters. In order to stay competitive, companies have to prepare for change and adapt to get ahead. Solutions such as contractor scheduling software have become essential tools that help businesses grow and prosper in any market.  

A company can’t fully focus on productivity if a noticeable amount of its time and money is spent on reconciling payments, sending invoices, and then paying contractors. That’s where quality construction scheduling software comes in. These types of platforms boost productivity by helping complete administrative tasks more efficiently. As a result, more service calls can be completed, with less staff, thus increasing overall revenue.

How Does Contractor Scheduling Software Help Save Costs?

Let’s look at how contractor scheduling software will help you save costs to small and large businesses.

1. Less paperwork and documentation:

Complex documentation of a work order can be misread and even lost. But with contractor scheduling software, a lot of your admin workflow can be automated. As a result, there is less chance for data entry errors, you get instant access to information, and an overall increase in workplace transparency. This helps streamline your business operations by upgrading the pace of the scheduling and dispatch process. In addition, one of the cost-cutting and environmentally friendly benefits of a contractor app is that it’s completely paperless.

2. Automatic Payroll:

Calculating payroll for each contractor manually, based on the number of jobs they have completed, is a challenging and time consuming task for even the best office administrator. But how does a company like Uber pay hundreds of thousands of drivers? Do you think they manually count the jobs and pay accordingly? This is where software like fielddConnect has been introduced as an automatic payroll solution for contractors, that links directly with the fieldd Contractor App and CRM.

When an automatic payroll system handles payroll, you’ll reduce errors, decrease administration time, and it will always be more reliable and accurate than what you could achieve by hand.

3. Higher Job Accuracy:

When manually calculating payroll for contractors, or if you’re quickly trying to send invoices for completed work orders, there’s a chance that you might make a mistake in the when you’re using paper forms. Unfortunately, this costs service companies in all industries endless of billable hours per year. By adopting contractor management software, you won’t be able to make mistakes when working quickly. It’s designed to be operated in fast past high volume workplaces by teams for perfect accuracy.

How do Companies Like Uber Schedule Contractors?

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of a contractor app, let’s look into companies like Uber and how they schedule their contractors. The contractors are the drivers. Uber has developed an in-house contractor scheduling software that automates their whole process of calculating and assigning payroll to Uber drivers. If Uber had to hire people to calculate contractor payroll, they would have to dramatically increase their prices because as we all know, hiring employees isn’t a cheap thing to do. However, due to their in-house system, Uber hires only one person per 550 contractors. This one person is responsible for monitoring and administering the process while the automatic payroll system does the rest. 

fieldd Contractor Scheduling Software:

After exploring contractor scheduling software, you might be curious where you can get similar software for your service company that can handle and automate your process of managing, scheduling and paying contractors.

The fieldd’s Contractor Scheduling Software is one of the best in its class and has the tools to add value to your business. The fieldd platform is AI-driven and is one of a kind when it comes to error-free scheduling and dispatching. With fieldd you can help your client conversion rate by using its online scheduling portal, thus increasing company revenue. As human-driven responses to quotes and enquires are often delivered too late, our system makes sure your clients can schedule your contractors instantly without delay, putting you far in front of the competitors in your industry.

In Summary:

Contractor scheduling software can help businesses boost their productivity, save time and increase revenue. Bigger enterprise grade companies like Uber rely on in-house contractor management software for their automation needs. For companies that can’t get their hands on such in-house systems, fieldd Service Management Software is the solution.

Automatic Payroll fielddConnect with direct contractor bank account payments is currently available as an add-on in Australia only. However, fieldd will still auto calculate the total amount the contractor is due to be paid.

The fieldd platform is available in 154 Countries including USA, Canada and Australia.




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