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For auto detailers, retaining existing customers and attracting new ones is paramount. Fieldd’s auto detailing software not only streamlines your current operations but also equips you with the tools to grow.

Many in the detailing industry often wonder how to increase their earnings. While some suggest raising prices, this approach has its limits. There are more effective strategies to explore, ones that can not only boost your average job ticket but also create a loyal, recurring client base.

Why Choose Fieldd for your Auto Detailing Software.

Before we jump into the features you need, it’s crucial to select an auto detailing software that provides your customers, workers, and administrators with the necessary tools needed to supercharge your business. Fieldd was built by a detailing company, and it’s now available for others to unlock the same automation secrets that make it unique

Seamless Booking and Scheduling

Automated Booking.

Customizable Messaging

Consider how much time you spend each day on your phone. Have you ever thought about the minutes spent booking in customers, calling your workers for their next job, texting customers for updates, and then emailing them? This administrative work can eat into your day, leaving you with less time for actual detailing jobs. But what if you could get this time back? It would allow you to take on more jobs, let your workers fit in more appointments without constant calls for instructions, and ensure your customers are cared for automatically while you can go home on time.

Fieldd automates all of this. From instant bookings (directed to the right people in the right service area, with no double bookings) to immediate client confirmations and worker dispatch, it’s all done in a second. This allows you to run your business without being bogged down by administrative tasks. Your customers deserve the best, and Fieldd ensures they receive a professional experience.

Efficient Workforce Management

Managing your detailing team, especially at scale, can be challenging. With Fieldd, the software offers a range of features to auto-assign jobs, track live progress, and ensure on-the-job quality control, all without you lifting a finger. Assign jobs based on employee availability and expertise, leading to improved efficiency and reduced administrative work.

Did you know that using Fieldd, common admin-to-worker ratios sit at 50:1? In contrast, most automotive detailing software allows for a 1:3 ratio, meaning you’d need to hire an admin person for every three workers to keep up with the workload, which could cut into your profits.

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Automated Follow-ups & Retargeting Existing Customers

Let Fieldd do the work

Repeat Jobs

When clients aren’t rushing in, and your schedule is empty, the temptation is to increase your prices to make up for the radio silence is tempting. However, this can provide a quick paycheck for the day, but these clients may not return. It’s crucial to focus on clients who can become long-term customers. For instance, if you charge a customer $300 for a service, and they return every six months for two years with the same exact service, you could make $1,200. Returning clients often refer their friends and choose upsells because they trust your services.

With Fieldd’s suite of features, you can nurture your happy repeat customers. Fieldd’s automated reminder and follow-up features allow you to send friendly reminders for upcoming appointments, service renewals, automated share code marketing to invite friends to use your service, or even special promotions. These timely communications keep your customers engaged and encourage repeat business.

Reporting and Analytics

To foster growth, you need insights into your performance and customer trends. Fieldd provides reporting and analytics that offer a deep understanding of your business’s health, as well as opportunities for improvement. Reports, such as time taken to get to a job, downtime between jobs, average worker rating, average job spend, customer source, and many other reports, are available in each account. Track key metrics, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.

Conclusion: The Impact of Using Fieldd.

Running a successful auto detailing business can be challenging. Empty slots in your weekly schedule may tempt you to raise your prices in an attempt to improve your revenue.

However, increasing prices when you have low customer volume may not be the most effective way to attract new clients or build long-term loyalty. By integrating auto detailing software into your operations, you can access the tools needed to achieve various goals:

Attract new clients: Utilize marketing features to expand your customer base.

Automate manual processes: Streamline your workflow and fit more jobs into your schedule.

Boost profits: Optimize your pricing strategy and increase revenue.

Enhance customer retention: Automate follow-ups and maintain strong client relationships with Fieldd’s tailored solutions for your auto detailing business.

Fieldd is here to support your business growth and success with the tools you need for your auto detailing business.

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