Best Route Optimization Software

How could traditional route optimization be hurting your customer experience? And what is the best route optimization software? Let’s find out here.
Traditional route optimization software requires juggling skills to decide who does the job. Secondly, then plot the best route to fit the job into the work day. 
Transportation companies get the most out of route optimization software. As well as, field service companies that have super short service times – 20 minutes or less. But what happens if your services are longer than 20 minutes?
Arrival windows are not convenient for customers. If your services are longer than 20 minutes route optimization is not convenient.
More so, customers don’t know when an arrival window will be, making it impossible to plan your day around it. What if you need your car, and you were awaiting someone to clean it? Or, you had to be at home to get a window fixed, but work won’t let you take the entire day off work?
Imagine if there was a better day to reduce your travel time, whilst providing the best customer experience possible…

Here's How The Best Route Optimization Software Works:

Route Optimization software allows customers to pick a window for a job within a zip code area. For example, you need a window replaced at 7:00 AM.  The job is send out a request to everyone who works in that area and ask them one by one if they are available to take the job.

The software checks employees’ availability, skill set & job preferences. Then spit out the best candidate for each job based on the criteria above. On the day of the service, the manager may then need to move jobs around again. This takes time, using a better scheduling solution, such as fieldd, reduces this back and forth.

The 5 Main benefits of Service Area Automation over Route Optimization Apps

  1. Boosted daily job efficiency 
  2. Increased customer experience
  3. Reduction in customer complaints
  4. Decline in daily admin tasks
  5. Less overall travel time 

At fieldd, our software allows customers to pick an appointment time that suits them. automatically allowing the customer to book based on their location and service required. Fieldd will only show appointment times based on the service selected and the availability of the staff. When setting your fieldd account you can create perfect travel time service areas, by drawing an accurate travel radius.

Optimized appointments ensure you can fit as many jobs within your day. Minimizing downtime and optimizing your booking capacity. The above intelligence saves mobile business’s from the pain of route planning. Also, boosting their reputation for a service which other service companies can’t provide.

In Summary

If you’re still unsure, think of a time you have been a customer. You book a job and stay home at work to accommodate the service call, suddenly the tech calls saying they will be there between 9am to 1pm. You have things to do and cannot be home for the entire day. You then have to reschedule the job, or have to shift your day around to accommodate. This is usually due to a business owner having a list of jobs they are trying to optimize. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Try fieldd today to see the difference between Route Optimization & Service Area Automation, your customers and staff deserve it.

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