Auto-Dispatch Software

Curious about the technology behind our auto-dispatch software? Check out how easy it is to book a service with fieldd’s auto-dispatch software below.
Fieldd increases businesses user convenience, customer engagement, and available daily job capacity. Notably, using fieldd you are unlocking the ultimate experience unique to fieldd. 

So How Easy Is Fieldd's Auto-Dispatch?


In essence, you cannot beat the experience fieldd boasts:

  • A customer makes a booking via App or Online
  • The customer selects their service, and chose the first available date and time
  • Customer enters job information
  • They book the job
  • Worker receives their job in their app
  • Business owner receives confirmation
  • Customer receives confirmation
  • Done

As you can see, the above search to book process is extremely fast, taking 10 seconds from start to finish. fieldd shows customers their past service details to minimize booking touch points as well. 

What happens at dispatch?

  • Worker starts their job within their app
  • Notification is sent when a worker is on the way
  • Staff Eta sent
  • Customer and worker can communicate in-app
  • Job is completed
  • Payment in-app completed
  • Branded receipt/ invoice
  • Job completed
Automated dispatch reduces manual back and forth, wowing your customers with your efficiency.

With a few clicks customers are kept up to date, notified, and informed of the work which is being completed. Significantly, once you experience this you cannot go back to manual service ordering.  

For this reason, maybe now is the time to learn how to transform your customer experience with fieldd.

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