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Complete company financial management

Xero Accounting* is the preferred software for thousands of businesses worldwide. The automated solution is used for financial reporting and completing tax obligations.

The fieldd app works seamlessly with the Xero platform allowing you to accurately sync your entire business operations with Xero in just a few clicks. Every cash, card and invoice that is processed will live sync with Xero. In addition, Xero will also sync your fieldd contacts and available services in order to keep paid invoices up-to-date either externally on Xero, or locally on fieldd.

Therefore, itemized fieldd transactions are available in Xero at all times. This includes fieldd platform fees for each transaction. As a result, your annual accounting costs and audit liability are reduced. 

*Quickbooks and MYOB Accounting Sync Coming July 2020

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Accounting Automation Software

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Automatic contractor payroll

A typical work order for any service-based business requires several steps to complete. Once a job is received, staff must be scheduled and dispatched. Completed on-site assignments require mobile payments which must be verified that they were billed correctly. In addition, independent contractors require individual payments and payment summaries. Doing all of the above manually can leave a lot of room for costly errors. 

Our fieldd accounting business workflow automation service combines scheduling and payments. A clear daily list of transactions are created automatically with notifications when any payments are outstanding. This reduces office manager tasks as much as 80%.


Financial reporting and analytics

Keeping track of business financials on a day-to-day basis can be difficult and time-consuming. This can lead to reporting errors and costly penalties during a financial audit. 

With fieldd reporting, view real-time income data generated by every completed work order. This information can be broken down by staff and job level to easily track add-ons sold and discounts applied during the time of service. 

A clear payout balance is shown, which will be transferred to your company bank account every Thursday, based on a weekly Mon – Sun pay cycle. 

These analytics can help you make data driven decisions based on business performance. As a result, you can determine where you can make extra income and highlight delivery bottlenecks for improvement. 

However, compiling accurate data from multiple sources can be a challenge when using different business software tools that don’t talk to each other. With fieldd, we have 50+ datasets at your fingertips that are ready to be exported and analyzed by your team. Analytics from the highest ranked staff member to the average travel time per service and more are available for analysis.

Let fieldd take care of your books

Our complete financial and accounting features are here to help you worry less about the numbers. This gives you time to concentrate more on growing your business. Save time on admin and accounting tasks with fieldd.

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100% Xero Integration

Automatic Payouts

Financial Reports

Just focus on growing your business

Get started in 5 minutes and discover an easy to use, fully customizable booking service toolkit, for companies big or small. Contact us for a demo.

Connect some, or all of our features and pay on a per feature, per job basis. The fieldd app is designed to grow with your company.

Need an Enterprise solution?

Ideal for all field based industries, we are the solution for any complex schedule and dispatch scenario.

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